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JGA Zella 22

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Hi I picked this up at the the gun show real cheap. The stock is pretty rough and painted black. The metal appears to be cold blued but that's ok. Going to refresh it for a neighbor's boy. Question is that I can find nothing really on this rifle. It has no serial number that I can find so I guess it would be hard to date it. Any help with info would be appreciated Thank you
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JGA ZM rifles were marked 5.4mm for .22, 6mm and 9mm for Flobert.

Is the extractor in the gun? With the firing pin at the bottom of the bolt, ignition is impaired if the extractor does not act as an anvil for the rim.
It is definitely pre-war since Anschutz fled to Ulm after the Russian occupation. You are missing the extractor and they are hard to come by. On top of that, there were different extractors for different models but with the FP on top, all you need to do is to fabricate a little hook to extract the spent shell.
The model is generally referred to as an Anschutz JGA, going by their old logo. They were offered for sale as the Flobert action or simply called Tesching by the general public. The term garden gun was used for the Flobert cartridges only, since the Flobert cartridge was legal to use in your backyard or bowling alley.

This is what you need to look out for:
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any standard .22 l.r. round will do well in the gun, high velocity ammo will be less accurate but I am not aware of any problems that high velocity ammo caused to a Flobert rifle. The only drawback is that they have a very simple trigger that is great for plinking but not good for absolute precision.
you have gone through the effort of taking and posting many photos but I do not completely understand the problem and the photos do not help too much explaining details of the problem to find probable causes. It looks as if the extractor connects well to the cut out in the bolt.

"don't know why extractor is not strong enough to pull the lr. "

Does the extractor engage the cartridge rim? There are extractors for 6mm Flobert and for .22 l.r.

Does it extract the unfired cartridge? Is the force required the same as on a fired cartridge?

Does it slip on an unfired or fired cartridge or is the force to extract just making it impossible to pull the case out?
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The cut out in the bolt is looking sharp and does not appear to be the problem. The hook of the extractor seems a little rounded off and I think that causes the slippage.
In a case like that I would check the long sliding bar of the extractor and see if I could kind of shim it up, i.e. put first a cut off from a .22 case underneath with some glue or a thin metal strip inside the bolt channel. I guess that bringing the extractor up higher will reduce risk of slippage. The extractor hook might need a little recontouring, too.

I have the chamber reamers and would also just ream the chamber by hand, very slightly. I have found a few early German Anschutz rimfire rifles to have tight chambers. Without the reamer, a Dremel with a bronze brush and polishing compound used carefully should not do harm.

Compare the hook with yours. In case of need, I can measure the height.
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I checked an extractor and the height of the hook is 5.2mm, 0.2047 inches. Your's looks like the hook is worn. Maybe some metal shop in your area can add to the height by welding some material on?
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While polishing the chamber will help reduce necessary extractor force, the problem is clearly the engagement of the extractor hook in the bolt. It looks to have been shortened to less than 4.9mm and shimming the rear might help to increase engagement.
It looks like your extractor is not supporting the case fully. It looks like the rear is not just bulging but is ruptured.
As information is trickling into the thread, the solution is getting closer.

- check if the extractor is supporting the unfired case, does it sit too low

- check if the extractor is fitting the cartridge, or if the circular cut-out is oversized. The extractor was almost the same for the 6mm Flobert.
Please take the extractor out and see how well the case rests in it, i.e. if the cut-out is right. Then the whole extractor could be shimmed to sit higher, it would also help with the extractor hook and bolt engagement.
When you compare the fired case with a fired rimfire case that was shot in a gun that was to specification, are the cases in the front part the same size or are the JGA cases also bulging in front?
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