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JGA Zella 22

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Hi I picked this up at the the gun show real cheap. The stock is pretty rough and painted black. The metal appears to be cold blued but that's ok. Going to refresh it for a neighbor's boy. Question is that I can find nothing really on this rifle. It has no serial number that I can find so I guess it would be hard to date it. Any help with info would be appreciated Thank you
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Looks like it's stamped 5.4mm... I believe 5.6mm is the metric equivalent of a 22 cal bullet... we're flobert cartridges made in something smaller than 6mm???
On a sad note, it appears your decelerator has decelerated for its last time.:(
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The butt pad you're using to prop up the bolt for the pic...
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Yes, it is interesting. So it appears to have been made between 1914 and 1939 and was proofed with blackpowder...
Great info NIB.
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Once you have your extractor, just for fun, shoot a 5 shot group at 25yds, or so, and let us see what the old gal will do.
Great work so far reviving that old gun. I have one thought, I would suspect there to be a rough area, or the entire chamber is rough and the LR case expands into this rough area, creating extra drag and taxing the worn extractor. The short case either misses the pitted area, or due to its reduced surface area the reduction in friction allows extraction... just a thought.
Works great to clean carbon build up, and smooth slightly rough surfaces, as long as it's not too rough... that would take an eternity...
1 - 7 of 73 Posts