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JGA Zella 22

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Hi I picked this up at the the gun show real cheap. The stock is pretty rough and painted black. The metal appears to be cold blued but that's ok. Going to refresh it for a neighbor's boy. Question is that I can find nothing really on this rifle. It has no serial number that I can find so I guess it would be hard to date it. Any help with info would be appreciated Thank you
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Is it in .22 then? It doesnt say on the barel. It has good rifling
Actually the firing pin is at the top of the bolt
I have a picture of the face of the chamber and it looks like a piece is missing Is that the extractor that's missing?
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What is the decelerator Is there a decelerator on a bolt action single shot?
Ha another project... Remington 742
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IS there a model number for this or is it just a Youth Garden Gun
Thank you so much. That is by far the most info i have been able to find. Neat gun. Hope i can get it bavk out to the range.
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Do you know what round would be apprpriate?
That is a good story. Mine is actually gonna be ok once it is cleaned up i think other than missing the extrsctor. Would love to find one but think i may have t o figure out how to fabricate one
You are 100% correct on that onr
If it says 54 on the side of the barrel which ammo should I use?
So huor me please. No nitro no smokeless. Rifle is older than i thought
NAZIS 1938. There is rifiing
This littl rifle is beco.ing very interestimg
Wood had been pai ted with a brush. Little cleaning and some oil.
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