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JGA Zella 22

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Hi I picked this up at the the gun show real cheap. The stock is pretty rough and painted black. The metal appears to be cold blued but that's ok. Going to refresh it for a neighbor's boy. Question is that I can find nothing really on this rifle. It has no serial number that I can find so I guess it would be hard to date it. Any help with info would be appreciated Thank you
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You have a pre-1945 Anschutz garden gun.
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I'm not sure if Anschutz used model numbers pre-war (Match rifles are my thing), but later on Anschutz would make these some Flobert-actoon rifles as the 1360.

I don't think these were specifically a boys' model, rather just a light, handy, and cheaper, model for knocking over rats or other vermin in a garden.
Ok so it wss prewar
Yes, most likely. Anschutz relocated from Zella Mehlis in Eastern Germany to Ulm in the SW in 1945. I don't know enough about Germany's wartime economy, but civilian production may have gone on the back burner.
Would the missing extractor not leave a chunk of the cartridge case totally unsupported, just where the powder will sit? I'm not sure I'd want to fire it without the extractor.
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That's not 54, it's 5,4mm. It's the bore diameter in millimetres, so 0.22in to English-speakers. That's no help in knowing whether it's chambered for Short, Long, or Long Rifle. If it's 0.22LR, I'd use the cheapest standard velocity ammo that will chamber. It's not a target rifle, so match ammo would be a waste.
BU and G, rather than BUG. These are the proof marks on your rifle. B and U show it passed proof, and G indicates a rifled barrel.
I wonder how you'd have gotten that L.R. to chamber "if" the rifle is chambered Short only?
I'd play it safe and not shoot any HV in it seeing as it has only the "B" black powder stamping.
I'd guess the chamber and freebore are loose enough to accomodate the longer case and bullet. This rifle was not made to satisfy current ideas of precision/accuracy.

If you are having to pound cases out of the chamber with a rod something is wrong. Have you checked the chamber face for burrs or dry fire damage? It would surprise me for a gun of this vintage, and type, to have a ding from the firing pin.
Do you think the excessive head space could cause split casings
Possibly, but I'd think the case would fail around the rim. The case in your photos has a split along the body, a split which looks suspiciously like the gap between the barrel and the extractor.
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