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January 50 ft Indoor Teams

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13 shooters at 50 feet indoors.

I was able to take eight of 'em and make two teams. Those Dakota folks are a natural for 50 feet indoors, this time of year. How .bout a team from New York in February. If I were still up in Sault Ste. Marie, there would be a 50 foot Michigan Team. I'd have ta wake em up thought. Most a dem Yoopers are hibernaton up der in da Upper Peninsula.
January at 50 Feet.
250-16x Shawn Ballard. Green Forest, Arkansas
250-16x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas
250-17x Steven Raeder. El Cajon, California
246-10x Jim Pollard. Kingsland, Texas
North/South Dakota
250-13x Linda Wanek. Wahpeton, North Dakota
249 14x Jim Cartwright. Cando North Dakota
248-11x Jerome Moshier. Sisseton South Dakota
248-8x Ron Berg. Wahpeton, North Dakota
Close match, huh.

I think this 50- foot thing could be interesting, and could round up a lot of new shooters for us. Build up confidence in those new shooters and then watch 'em have fun when we get 'em out in the WIND next Spring.

On indoor ranges where they don't have good steady benches: Remember, our rules allow shooting prone, with sling or off front and rear sandbags.
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Count me in Joe. Shot a couple of 50' targets today. Got to practice for the big match next weekend. Mirage indoors can be a problem. Had to fan the barrel with a folded target to see anything. That extra 25' outdoors must make a big difference. No 249's today.;)


PS: Brookie, Singshot, Renegade, Rimfire Junkie, it's a lot more comfortable next to the wood stove.
Joe, don't know if it makes a difference or not, but my score & Jim's were shot outdoors, not indoors. We don't have access to an indoor range so all our scores are shot outside. I think Jim had a 250-18X too, but he may not have sent it in.
Hi Stan

I figger if you guys wana shoot at 50 feet in this Texas wind, it's OK with me. Ya got no advantage over them warm an cozy eskemoz up north, shootin on dem heated indoor ranges.

Besides: I strained my brain setting up the database for those three new indoor matches. Don't want to have to do it again and have a mental breakdown setting up a 50 foot outdoor match. I figure a 10 mph cross wind will drift your bullet the width of the 10 ring at 50 feet. The indoor guy don't need wind flags: Just a little fan to blow the heat off the top of the barrel.

Joe :)
Your posts were correct, I shot the 250/18X/ 50 ft. last month. Tried it with BAB on one target and then with my T/C classic 22 for the other score in Jan.
I'm with TangoTwo. It is not all that easy at 50 Feet indoors as some would think (well at least for me). Indoors (as TandoTwo has stated) there is the problem of sustained mirage from the minimal amount of barrel heat a .22 LR produces.

If that isn't bad enough there is the artifical lighting to contend with. We have tried several different types of lighting systems in our indoor shooting range over the course of the past 12 years, and still are in search of better lighting. So far nothing we have tried is as good as the natural outdoor lighting.

In addition at our indoor range we have quite large ventilation fans to keep the air moving so as to eliminate the gunsmoke. While mainly unseen this does indeed keep the air moving at our indoor range. In fact one shooter, Jerome Mosher swears that he shoots better on one side of the range (closer to the fans) vs the other side of the range because of air turblance. Another item is that not all scopes can be made totally parallax free at 50 feet either.

When Joe allowed us to turn in scores for 50 Feet our club changed its rules to use the USBR Target for our Club's League Shooting. At first I was concerned (concidering some of the scores that have been shot outdoors at 25 yards by some of our club members over the summer) that we would all be shooting "250's" indoors at the reduced distance. This hasn't been the case, at least for me and some of the other shooters at the Tri State Shooters Club. All of the above mentioned things that occurr in an indoor range seem to offset the difference in the 25 foot distance.

Either there is some validity to what TangoTwo and I have found out, or else I haven't figured it out yet.

At any rate, YES shooting in a nice heated indoor range sure beats laying in a snow bank in below zero temperatures. If forced to shoot outdoors in these conditions I'd probably be shooting from my 1998 Chevy Portable Shooting Bench with the heater on.


PS, Thanks again Joe for adapting the rules for the changing needs our this bunch of dedicated shooters.
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