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MASTER Class: 25 yards - Score Range 250 - 250-25X
250-19x Jerry Lowe. Corrales New Mexico (JL)
Ruger 10/22. Simmons 800116 [email protected] 32x. Wolf MT
GM 20' stainless barrel. B&C Anschutz stock, 1.5 lb trigger
The wind was blowing from my 6:00 at approx 10mph, temp was about 45 degrees. Evidently somebody screwed-up and did'nt put the requisite number of flyers in that box.....

250-17x Mike Desaire, La Mesa, California
Turbo custom rifle, Weaver T-36 scope, Lapua Midas L ammo.

250-14x Zach Harris, Jamul, California (Time) Age 16
Time Precision rifle, Weaver T-36 scope, Eley Tenx ammo.

250-14x Kim Williams, Santee, California
Turbo custom rifle, Weaver T-36 scope, Lupua Midas L ammo.
(borrowed rifle from Mike)

250-12x Mike Hansen, LaVerkin Utah.
CZ. Weaver T36. Eley Trainer
Lilja barrel, Stith stock,
65deg., sunny, light breeze

250-12x Larry White, Alpine, California
Anchutz 7001 rifle, Mitchell 32x scope, Lapua Midas L ammo.

250-12x Jim Pollard. Kingsland Texas. (graybeard)
Anschutz 1710 D HB. Simmons 6 x32. SK gold Match.
Weight added to the stock and homemade PVC tuner
Wind in gusts from 3:00 o'clock

250-11x Steven Raeder, El Cajon, California
Anschutz 54 rifle, Weaver T-36 scope, Federal UM-1 ammo.

250-10x John Harris. Jamul, California (Gordan Gauge)
'73 Anschutz rifle, Weaver T-36 scope, Federal UM-1 ammo.

250-10x Ken Tesch. Mission Texas & Merrill, Wisconsin
Remington 40X. Unertl 16X. Eley Trainer.
Stock rifle. Standard weight barrel. The Unertl has 1 1/2 inch objective lens.
[Ken shot NRA 4 Postion back 40 years ago. The wood box he keeps his 40X in had not been open in 35 years. He said it smelled so bad from mildew when he opened the box that his wife got sick.The rife is in very good shape and SEEMS to be doing well. Ken was the FIRST Mission shooter to break 250. He told us last week that the barrel has never been cleaned]

250-9x Mike Hunter. Summerville, South Carolina (Forester)
Sako P94S. Weaver T6 6x. Wolf Match Target
Lilja barrel. Jewell 2oz trigger. Turner Stock.
Winds 5-6 from 6 oclock. No excuses. I'm still working on the setup for this 7.5 lb rifle. If I don't get it exactly right, my scores suffer.
EXPERT Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 248-249
249-15X - Stan Gibbs - Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
Anschutz 64Silhouette. Bushnell "4200 Elite" 8-32X. SK Match50.
Fiberglass BR stock, glass bedded w/alum pillars - Hoehne tuner - 1.1 oz. single-stage trigger.
Guess there are flyers in the high-dollar Match50 ammo too. Sandwiched a "9" in the middle of 6 "X's"; 4 before & 2 after. Not even a good "9" either - smack in the middle of the "8" ring at 10 o'clock, just touching the "9". Must have been ammo flyer; surely couldn't have been me!!!

249-14x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
Anschutz 64MS BSA 36X scope - SK Subsonic HP Ammo
Home-made tuner. Should have been a better target. The conditions were as good as I've ever seen them in San Angelo. Almost no wind & what there was was straight down range. Oh, Well!

249-9x Paul Verhey Lakeland FL. Summer Central Lake MI.
Rem. 540XR. Tasco [email protected] Wolf Match Target.
The 540XR is stock. It was a nice day to shoot so I went. I think the new Sinclair rest did the job! It was a little windy, but I was watching my one and only wind flag.

249-8x David ILL. Albuquerque, New Mexico (DucDave)
Remington Model 37. Unertl 15x scope. Wolf MT
Douglas barrel. Factory stock. Canjar trigger, No tuner. (light wind, temp in upper 50's) Just cant seem to nail down that 250- any X

248-11x Bob Sanchez. Mango FL. Summer and winter
Rem. 540XR. Tasco 6x24. Wolf Match Target.
All original rifle. Probably set some where between 6&24. Too windy but I shot anyway.

248-6x Ken Juen, San Deigo, California
Ruger 10/22 rifle, BSA 36T scope, Wolf Match Extra ammo.
Fajen stock, Butler Creek heavy barrel, Power Custom trigger.
SHARPSHOOTER Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 245-247
247-11x Mike Hansen. LaVerkin Utah.
CZ. Weaver T36. Fed. 510 Lightning (BAB)
Lilja barrel, Stith stock,
70 deg., sunny, light breeze.

247-8x Jed Andrews. Lakeland FL. (Age: 15)
Rem. 540 XR. Tasco [email protected] 16X. Wolf Match Target.
[Note from Paul Verhey the team captain, or was that Bob Sanchez?] Jed was shooting 3 benches away from a fellow shooting a "Click Clack" that Click Clack was slinging brass all over him, one spent case put a knick in the scope! The brass did not stop there, some went 3 benches past Jed. I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, I put the hood up and stood between them and let the brass bounce off my back so Jed could finish shooting!

247-8x Larry Burchfield. Ashdown, Arkansas
Ruger 10/22. BSA 24X. Wolf Match Target.
Midway ss 18.5" bbl, Fajen thumb Sporter .920 stock, 1.5lb. trigger. Pressure Point bedding,
57 deg cloudy wuth light misting rain, Hardly any wind.

247-6x Marian Jones. Mission Texas & Kenosha, Wisconnsin
Winchester M-52C. Swift 6-18X. CCI Standard.
Stock rifle. Standard weight barrel.
[The stock is too long for Marion. One of the club members offered to shorten the stock: He said he had a good sharp axe. She sez: I'll wait 'till I get home to Kenosha. I know a good gunsmith there"]

246 14x Jim Cartwright. Cando, North Dakota (Kid 10/22)
NS 522, Burris 6X HBR II. Eley Match EPS
Stith Sporter stock, tuned trigger.

246-7x Jim Province. Mission TX & Inver Grove Hts. Minn. (Age 85)
Anschutz 1451. Bushnell 3-9X-32mm. Eley Trainer
Stock out of the box rifle.
[Jim flew 35 missions over Germany & Romainia during WWII as nose gunner and bomdarer in a B-17. As a young man he had 20/5 vision. If the pilot with normal vision could see a German fighter plane at 5000 yards, Jim would see it at 20,000 yards. Jim got a new pair of glasses last week. He has 20/10 vison at the age of 85: But he needs tthe glasses. He only got 3 letters right on the 20/5 line! I always have Jim socre my targets. I use to kid him about the probability of him bombing the stuffings out of the old Anschutz factory.]

246-6x Joe Haller. MIssion Texas & Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
CZ-452 American. BSA Plarinum 6-24X. Eley Yellow Box
Glass bedded. 7 oz. trigger. Anschutz Magnitic tuner. This rifle does not like Wolf Match Target or Wolf Match Extra. I bought that Anschutz magneitc toner three years ago and never could make it work. Last week I tried something different. With Eley Yellow Box and the back of the tuner about 1/8" form the forend tip I got some good groups. So shot my 4th target with Yellow Box. First haflways decent target I have had in more than a year. Now: Should I reglass the bedding? I don't know. I did get a 249-3x with it a couple of years ago
[This year we have 25 members in our Mission, Texas rimfire club. Some of them did not turn in a record target for January. All of us live in the Bentsen Grove Resort here on Mission, for the winter. We get out of herebefore it gets too hot. In the summer, Death Valley is the hottest place in the country. Mission Texas is the second hottest place.]

246-5x Linda Garwood, San Diego, California
Anschutz BR-50 rifle, Weaver T-36 scope, Federal UM-1 ammo.

246-5x John Harris. Jamul, California (Gordan Gauge)
Ruger 10/22 rifle, Weaver T-36 scope, Lapua Signum ammo.
Boyd's stock, Boyd's barrel, Kid trigger, CPC bolt work.
"they'll drive you crazy, they'll drive you insaaane"
MARKSMAN Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 235-244
244-8x Mike Zurl. New Windsor, New York (slingshot).
CZ 452 Special. Bushnell Sportview 4-12x @ 12x. Federal UM-1.
Barrel floated, trigger worked.

244-6x Gary Grant. Mission, Texas & Mattoon, Illinois
CZ-452 Sporter. BSA 6-24X. Eley Trainer.
[Gary is the MAN: He organized all the work bees needed to build 11 benches and a covered firng line for our 25 yard range Down here in Mission. This year he hauled some aluminum sheets all the way from Illinois and put a covered over our five bench 50/100 yard firng line.]

243-10x Diane Sanchez. Mango Florida
Ruger 10/22 "Click Clack" target model. Tasco 6X24 Wolf Match Target.
[Diane, what happened you your good Rem 540XR?]

243-5x Creston Straley. Mission Texas & Buckley, Michigan
Ruger 10-22. Bushnell 12X 40mm. Eley Trainer.
His first two years in the club, Creston always went to the range to practice by himself. Last year his begain to punch out some good scores, and he started shoot with the rest of us.

243-4x Bill Cashen. Mission Texas & Mattawan, Michigan
CZ-452 Standard. BSA Contender 6-24X Wolf Match Target.
[This is Bill's second year with the club. LIke me, he is flying the CZ flag. Soon, I suspect he will be beating me and my CZ.]

242-7x Larry Davenport. Mission Texas & Machesney Park Illinois
Savage Mark II-LV. Bushnell 3-9X. Wolf Match Target
Stock out-of-the-box rifle. Laminated Stock.
[Larry got that Mark II almost two years ago. I have seen some very impressive 5 shot groups from that rifle. But, then: groups are easy, huh.]

242-5x Brian Laude. Orlando FL.
Ruger 10/22 "Click Clack" Scope ?? Wolf Match Target
Butler Creek Barrel and power custom trigger.

242-5x Jim Pollard. Kingsland Texas, (graybeard)
Anschutz 1710D HB. Simmons 6-32 scope. Federal Lighting (BAB)
Weight added to the stock,and homemade PVC tuner
wind from 5:00 o'clock.

241-5x Larry Burchfield. Ashdown, Arkansas
Kimber 82 goverment. 24x Tasco. Wolf Match Target
Trigger about 1lb. This is a new gun from CMP so i'm still working out the bugs.

240-7x Shawn Ballard. Green Forest, Arkansas (Sid)
Ruger 10/22. BSA Platinum 6x24x44. WMT
Conditions: 32 degrees, 10-15 mph gusts, 18 deg windchill factor. Windflags spinning around in all directions wearing tu tu's. Excuses: Having health problems, arthritis flaring up due to weather.

240-4x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
Anschutz 64Silhouette - Bushnell "4200 Elite" 8-32X.Fed. Lightning (BAB)
Fiberglass BR stock, glass bedded w/alum pillars - Hoehne tuner - 1.1 oz. single-stage trigger
Thought I'd try a BAB with the new toy to see how it liked the Lightnings. I think my old Remington 513 really groups them better.

240-4x Jerry Lowe. Corrales New Mexico (JL)
Romainian Trainer. Bushnell [email protected] Fed 510(BAB)
Floated barrel with pad, bedded action, lightened trigger.

240-4x Harold Strelow. Mission Texas & Pierce, Nebraska
Ruger 10/22. BSA 6-24X. Eley Trainer.
Harold is the only Nebraska shooter who has enterd the E-Mial Matches. Any more of you guys from Nebraska that would like to shoot on a Nebraska State Team when Harold goes home in April?

238-9X Ron Starner Indianola, Iowa (Antlurz)
10/22, GM barrel, Tasco 6X24X40, Wolf MT
All the normal 10/22 mods. Clouds, 33 degrees, switching 25-30 mph winds, spitting rain. Other than that, it was nice out. Total shots fired for the month = 27. Had to turn SOMETHING in!
[Ya did good, Ron. Ya scored 238 points higher than the guys who didn't turn in a score.]

237-5x Mike Hunter. Summerville, South Carolina (Forester)
CZ 452 Special. Simmons ProHunter [email protected] Win. Xperts (BAB)
Floated barrel, cut back to 17". Target-crowned. Trigger: 2.5 lbs.
Winds light. How do you guys shoot those good scores with that ammo? Man, this is hard. Most of the points I dropped were big misses, -3 or so.
HUNTER Class: 25 yard -Score Range: 220-234
234-3x Jerry Giddings. Mission Texas & Portage, Michigan
Ruger 77/22. BSA 4-16X 50mm. Wolf Match Target.
[Jerry got a new scope, but only shot once this year. Too busy setting up a new larger moble home on his new lot.

232-2x Harvey Weiss. Mission Texas & Conover, Wisconsin
Marlin Model 70. Bushnell 4-12X. Eley Trainer
Box Stock click clack rifle with heavy barrel & HEAVY trigger.
[Harvey is a WW II veteran, but he ain't telling his age. That trigger is SO heavy you might think his trigger finger was on steroids.]

230-2x John Hollingshead. Mission, Texas & Kenosha, Wisconsin
Remington 521T. Bushnell 4-12X AO. Eley Trainer.
[John picked up this rifle in a Wisconsin gun shop. He just glass bedded it a couple of months ago. He got his early marksmanship training in his high school ROTC program. While he was still in high school, he joined the Airborn Infantry. He said his Mom was not to happy about that. It was during the Korean War.].

227-3x Len Ziegenmeyer. Mission Texas & Imlay City Michigan
CZ-452 Special. Simmons 9x 40mm. Wolf Match Target.
Len had to leave this winter paradise last week to go home to Michigan and pick up a a new Pick-Up Truck that should have been ready for delivery before he came south for the winter. He left that Winter Wonderland this moring and should be back here by Friday, Feb. 7th.]

223-4x Eric Brooks Oneonta, New York (Brookie)
CZ 452 Special Weaver V9 @ 9x. Federal 510 Lighting (BAB)
Would have been a respectable score at 50 yards but at 25? Something is not
right. It was a balmy 30 degrees so it wasn't shivering...
PLINKER Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 200-219
217-0x Clint Baer. Mission TX & Rehoboth, Mass. (Age 84)
Marlin M-60. Bushnell 4-12X. Eley Trainer.
[Clint is a WWII Veteran: One of those guys who saved the world and preserved our freedoms. Clint brought me his January target last Monday evening. He told me he had to go in for a stress test in the morning. He had some pressure in his chest but no pain. Three days later his wife, sent me an e-mail message saying "Clint flunked the test", and had a quadruple bypass. He is home now and feeling well, but tired. We hope to see Clint at the range again, real soon. If you would like to sent him a get well message, his e-mail address is: [email protected]]

216-0x Charlie Behler. Mission Texas & Goshen, Ohio
Ruger 10/22. Tasco 3-9X. Eley Trainer.
[Charlie is beginning to understand the difficulty of scoring well on the USBR target. He's learning the "secrets". He will be back in February when he gets some of those secrets ironed out.]

214-1x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Knitepoet)
AMT Lightning. Bushnell [email protected] Rem Target 6122 (BAB)
Ammo was weight sorted. Butler Creek Carbon Fiber Barrel. Fajen Thumbhole Stock. Weather, cloudy, 62 with GUSTY!!! winds (25mph gusts). Weight sorted the ammo and picked up 12 points over Ely EPS and 27points over the same ammo unsorted. (I guess weight sorting DOES work)

207-2x Dan Denhart, San Diego, California
Browning T-Bolt rifle, Leupold 12x scope, Winchester T-Target.
Scope won't go to 25 yards clearly. Light barrel of rifle got hot.

204-2 x Earl Sanchez. Plant City, Florida
Marlin Model 25. Simmons 3 x 9 x 32. Fed. Eagle (BAB)
First time shooter.

202-2x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Knitepoet)
AMT Lightning. Bushnell [email protected] Ely EPS
Butler Creek Carbon Fiber barrel.
Extractor came out at some point during this target. Found the spring extractor went to parts unknown :(
ORANGE BLASTER Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 000-199
196-1x Steve Wilburn. Madill, Oklahoma (Fozzy Bear)
Mossberg 46b-b. Tasco 3-9x40. Winchester Supreme.
That ammo is HIGH !! But, is the best out of the 10 brands I tried. I use a "Roper Products" front bag and an old suede leather bag in the rear.
The tempature was about 38 degrees with a slight wind from 9:00. This is my first attempt. I think I'll get better as the tempature warms up.

187-0x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Knitepoet)
AMT Lightning. Bushnell [email protected] Rem. 6100 40gr (BAB).
Butler Creek Carbon Fiber barrel.

137-0x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Knitepoet)
Remington 510. OPEN SIGHTS.
Targetmaster circa 1950 STOCK. HARD to see those bulls with open sights!!!

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Pssssst, hey Joe.

..appears you have left out the boy, (Time). He is even less tolerant than I am about being mis-quoted, falsely accused, or, more importantly, inadvertantly omitted from the Email standings. :D He should be in there for a tie at 3rd place. Just fix it real quick and I promise not to tell him. ;) GG

p.s. I just went back lookin at scores again. Obviously JL is the man of the hour, awesome shooing Jerry!

Then I noticed that our big time guy Forester shot a 250-9x with a T-6. Wow.

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Correction Made . . .

Gee Gordon: Thanks for telling me and not Time. Hope I made the correction in "time".

What I am doing is cut/paste each score/equipment field from the DB to the Word Processor. The human (haller) error has a chance to slip in.

That is a weak link in the posting process. I read of a way to pull all of the data out of the database and stuff it into a word processor with a procedure, with a click of the mouse: But: I could not make the thing work.

I am going to send an e-mail message to Parnorama (they have good support) and see if they can solve the problem for me. I have been building and using databases since 1985, but I am no database expert. Far from it.

I'll let ya know if and when I build a procedure that will eliminate the "haller error".


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See Ron,
Proof positive of what your mamma usta tell you..."If you do it you'll go blind"...HAHA!

BTW. nice score considerin' the weather you was shootin' in! My hats off to all you guys who went out and froze their collective tails off shooting this month.

JL aka HB

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JL is the man of the month, period. Extra good shooting, JL. It's really tough getting such a good X count. Everything has to be working: ammo, rifle, scope, and shooter, of course. Congratulations.

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Good shooting y'all!

JL way to go with that click clack :D
FYI, I don't expect to see my name as the very last one on the list this month ;)

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SHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh Don't tell everyone my newest secret:D

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Hey Phil...

Shhhh to you too... we're on the same team... REMEMBER ;)
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