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Jackson Game 17HM2

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I have a really nice Cooper Model 57M Jackson Game chambered in 17HM2. French Walnut stock. Polished Stainless Barrel, Steel grip cap, and the nice swivel studs. I'd like to list the rifle for sale here in the classifieds section but for some reason it still says that I don't have access to do that. I'm probably going to list with pictures later this evening on Accurate Shooter. Just thought this forum would be a better fit. Can someone tell me what I gotta do to be able to post in the classified section on here. Thank You.
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You've got to have 30 posts and be here 30 days to sell (sorry not my rule) just go around and hit like on 13 posts you'll be able to post
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I saw the pictures of your rifle very nice!
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Just run up your post count to over 30 and you should be good to go.
Thanks everyone for the advice!
One other thing new members can do is purchase premium membership. It shortcuts the time and post limits that were put in place to hamper spammers. Its $20/year. It also gets rid of the pesky ads. That was worth the $20 bucks to me by itself.
I think I'm going to go that route. Can someone lead me towards how to become a premium membership.
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