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IZH46M; photos and links

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IZH-46M; photos and links

Another member asked that I post some more photos of my IZH46Ms with the thought that we could consolidate photos and information links in the thread. So here goes (apologies beforehand for my photography:eek: ),
Moderators: My apologies if this is eating to much bandwidth; please edit as you feel necessary.

General reading:
Much more from aom22:

Aftermarket sights:
More great info from aom22!:

Custom grips:
Posted by 1z4u2c (thanks!):
forrest r's innovative grip mod:
From KShep:
Left handed:
from aom22: http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2722793&postcount=21

Dry firing by aom22:

Trigger adjustment:
More trigger adjustment info as posted by aom22 (thanks!)
General maintenance from aom22:
Possible breech seals modification from DoogieB:

The original photos:

High resolution: http://gb6491.150m.com/izh46.htm
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Left Hand Grips IZH-46M

I shoot left handed anyone hear try making their own left hand grip....
Thanks for any input.
At one time left-hand grips were offered from the factory.
Maybe knowing the part number may help in locating the item.

From Archived File
Left Hand Wood Grips for Baikal
IZH-46M Match Pistol
Item # 50-6000, Price $85.00
Mac1 Style 46-M

Mac1 has recently begun modifying the "IZZY", MP-46M Airgun.
The service is know as the Mac1 Style 46-M ... Upgrade Details.

1. In a Percentage of factory Izzys, the Valve Chamber is
corroded and the guns will not seal.
If the corrosion is not there initially, Without proper lubrication it can happen anytime.
And the leaker will want our upgrade (Compressing Air will always leave moisture in the mild steel chamber).
Mac1 replaces this chamber with Non-Magnetic and Non-Corroding Stainless Steel.
(Tiny metal debris can collect in the factory airguns with regular steel chambers)
Better Power: Our chamber volume is slightly less, so each charge has slightly elevated pressure
to give slightly better power.

2. We strip out the Russian Seals, and replace them with 90 durometer
American seals
that are harder and more durable.
We have been doing this for 5 years since the first Izzy 46's appeared.
The Result: No Failures have occurred on any IZZY 46 Airgun Mac1 has upgraded. NADA
We do other good things too…..but let us keep some of our Trade Craft a Secret.
What you get is the most "Bullet Proof" 46m Pistol available. Period.

Wow this is a great example of marketing versus (my) reality.
Remember the old saying about selling ice to eskimos?
Resonable Modifications ... Snake Oil

Wow this is a great example of marketing versus (my) reality....
Well ... sign me up for some glacier water ice. :D

Perhaps to someone living near a marine (saltwater) environment such as Palacios, Texas,
or a high relative humidity and/or foggy area like Huntsville, Texas,
a stainless steel compression chamber would make a lot of sense.

Modifying an IZH-46 to accept long-lasting, readily available, American-made compression seals
sounds like a win-win in terms of reliability and to minimize maintenance requirements.

If a -46 owner is an avid tinkerer or DIYer ... the MAC1 services/modifications may seem of little value.
However, if you're a person, such as myself, who has no problem with having someone else tune his air gun.
Or, are willing to have a reputable airgunsmith perform a modification to increase durability and reliability.
It is an appealing service.

How about this for some snake oil ...
MAC1 was experimenting with converting the -46 to a multi-stroke pneumatic.
But sadly, the project is currently on-hold.
Mac1 Airguns Expand Thread on Apr 11, 2010 12:09 AM

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Here's my take.
1.The IZH 46m is a 10 meter competition pistol.
2.The power it puts out is exactly what is needed for 10 meter competition.
3.The pistol costs around 375.00.
4.The seals are plentiful and durable (Mines 4 years old) i have 3 extra sets.
5. I can't justify spending another $400.00? (if i'm reading the add corectly)
to get more fps and a chamber that wont rust?

I'm just saying that my IZH 46 is for 10 meter comp. I oil it as recomended. The fps speed is sufficient. I have extra seals. I guess if you want $800.00 invested in a 10 meter airgun you should buy a used FWB 103 or many other finely crafted ssp's out there.
My Mac1 IZZY

I love my 46M as worked on by Tim at MAC1. It shoots R10 7.0 at 486.7 average, and is hard on hoppers and flys! Tim sells the MAC1 46M for $400 total price (not an additional $400) at this time, and his work is well done. He has been doing these mods for over five years with zero problems. Regards
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IZH-46M (Izzy) Air Pistol

I was looking at the classified section of the Yellow Forum
and came across and old add that still had some photos links
that were still operational.
I contacted the owner of the classified and some information
he provided lead me to a trail to follow.
IZH-46M (Izzy) Air Pistol - Author Bill Clarke 14 March 2009

Informational links to help you enjoy and maintain your Izzy

Manual with diagram and parts list
Disassembly Instructions - from Todd Cooper
Grip modifications - from the TargetTalk Forum
How to Make Your New Pistol User-Friendly - advice from Pilkguns
Nygord's Notes - Shooting Tips from the late Olympian, Don Nygord
Replacing IZH46 Piston Seal - instructions from Pilkguns
Trigger adjustment - diagram of trigger adjustments from Pilkguns
Woods & Waters IZH Grips

The IZH-46M is manufactured by: Baikal ZMH.
The Izzy, as this airgun is affectionately called by most of its owners,
is a single stroke pnuematic (SSP) - meaning the only thing you need
to shoot it is pellets and a target.

No required Co2 or compressed air (CA). Just pull the cocking bar out
and push it back, place a pellet in the breech, aim, and shoot.

The Baikal IZH-46M is often called an entry level air pistol
for serious air pistol competitions.

Perhaps entry level is speaking to the affordable price,
as compared to the $1500 air pistols of world class competitors.
Because entry level sure doesn't comment to the Izzy's capabilities.

With a fully adjustable trigger, fully adjustable sights, and accuracy
beyond the capabilities of 99.999% of the competitive shooters
- the IZH-46M is a capable serious competition air pistol
- yet, very affordable.

Additional Information Provided by Owner
This was the second that I have owned.
Good little gun, but sometimes I shoot a hundred of so shots in a session.
My arm gets tired from the weight of the gun (nose heavy) and from the cocking effort.

I was right in selling the first one and wrong is buying a second one.

Build quality is excellent.
There are a lot of moving parts - some under a lot of strain when cocking.
The trigger is excellent.
It is very accurate.

I modified the grips using a Dermal Tool and refinished them with Tru-Oil.
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Newbie question; maybe I am comprehension impaired, but I cannot locate with certainty the 'cup' that you are supposed to oil. On the top of the cylinder there is a slot, but access to it is hampered by the superimposed barrel. Is there where the pellgun oil is applied?
Also, cleaning the bore, I have used a .17 cal. boresnake, with RemOil applied to the rear flossing end. Sound OK? I gather I should use only Pellgun oil for lubing the cylinder, but wondered what to use for bore cleaning.
The only other cleaning i have done is external wipedown with silicon cloth.
thanks, Ed
I've had 3 Izzy's but don't currently have one to look at.... But as i recall if you turn the gun over and extend the cocking arm as far as it will go (plus a little) you will expose the "cup" you're speaking of. Or aleast a tiny bit of it...
That,s where i would squirt some ssp oil. As for Rem oil (even though you are not technically putting it in the chamber) most would shy away from getting combustable oil too close to their ssp's compression chamber...Good Shooting!!!!
IZH-46M Muti-Stroke Pneumatic Conversion Project ... Some Progress

MAC1 was experimenting with converting the -46 to a multi-stroke pneumatic.
But sadly, the project is currently on-hold.
Mac1 Airguns Expand Thread on Apr 11, 2010 12:09 AM
For quite sometime, I've been periodically surveying The Mac1 AIRGUN site ... nothing new.
However, there appears that some progress on an IZH-46M MSP conversion kit is being made.
A drop-in Multi-Stroke conversion for the IZH-46M. Expand Thread - Steve in NC on May 12, 2012, 6:49 PM
Been researching this pistol and find it fascinating. I currently own a Daisy (not sure what model) target pistol I bought about 30 years ago that is capable of 1/4 inch groups or better at 10 meters. Downfall is it seems pretty slow as the last chipmunk I killed was only about 10 feet away and took a couple of pellets to kill.

I don't mind spending $600 for one of these if the accuracy is there. Are they capable of basically one hole groups at 10 meters if the shooter can do his part? Can they really reach 500 fps?
very accurate

Yes, they are that accurate, and yes, they will reach 500 fps. I shoot in a winter indoor league and postal league, and at least half of the top shooters are using Baikals.
My friend just received his from Pyramyd Air, after trying mine for a while, and is bragging that his trigger is better than mine...LOL...our club has a couple of high end PCP loaners, including a Hammerli and a Feinwerkbau, and I shoot better with my Baikal. It really likes Vogel orange match pellets.
As for varmint control, I think I would stick with a rifle for that, I think it is apples and oranges. Not saying that a well placed head shot with a .17 cal pellet wouldn't do the trick, I just prefer a bit more impact.
Thanks for the comments, looks like another $600 out of the gun fund. I agree about not using them for varmit control but sometimes the pistol was easier to get to and the Daisy was very quiet.
Beautiful air pistols. I have Crosman 357W. It can shoots a heavier projectile and less air waste with each shot due to the single shot, enclosed chamber design. Out of the box, accuracy is perfect.
IZH repair person 46M

My IZH is in need of repair. I'm looking for someone to work on it. Rings, seals, tune up, upgrades. Willing to shop parts. Also in the past I've read about Up grades to this pistole. I really enjoy the cocking effort. It's good and rewarding physical effort, than hit the can. Hope I'm asking in the right place. Just can't find someone to work with. Commish, help please
New sight set up now that the mount is here.


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Izzy Repair

Commish, MAC 1 Airguns have the pieces parts. I don't know if they will do the work. Might be worth a phone call. https://www.mac1airgunshop.com/

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