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IZH46M; photos and links

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IZH-46M; photos and links

Another member asked that I post some more photos of my IZH46Ms with the thought that we could consolidate photos and information links in the thread. So here goes (apologies beforehand for my photography:eek: ),
Moderators: My apologies if this is eating to much bandwidth; please edit as you feel necessary.

General reading:
Much more from aom22:

Aftermarket sights:
More great info from aom22!:

Custom grips:
Posted by 1z4u2c (thanks!):
forrest r's innovative grip mod:
From KShep:
Left handed:
from aom22: http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2722793&postcount=21

Dry firing by aom22:

Trigger adjustment:
More trigger adjustment info as posted by aom22 (thanks!)
General maintenance from aom22:
Possible breech seals modification from DoogieB:

The original photos:

High resolution: http://gb6491.150m.com/izh46.htm
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More Information: Baikal Izhevsky IZH-46M .177 Match Air Pistol

IZH 46 Target Pistol
Compression-type air pistols intended for international competitions.
These pistols allowed winning a number of top awards on the World and European Championships.
Absence of massive moving parts delivers outstanding accuracy in shooting.
Trigger unit can be set up for position, travel and pull.
Orthopedic grip with an adjustable hand rest.
Sight is micrometrically adjustable for windage and elevation.
MP-46М option offers a larger compressor and higher muzzle velocity.
General Information:

MP-46M Standard Air Pistol - aka: IZH-46M "Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod" marketed by Baikal
Baikal Izhevsky IZH-46M .177 Match Air Pistol - Bow and Gun Hunting Illinois
Baikal IZH-46M - RFC Thread: Russian pistols
IZH-46M (Izzy) Air Pistol - 14 March 2009, AirgunArena
The IZH-46M - Darned Near Perfect - Monday, March 23, 2009, Airguns of Arizona Blog
Part II - Shooting the IZH-46M - Monday, March 30, 2009, Airguns of Arizona Blog
IZH 46 target pistol - Friday, March 03, 2006, Pyramyd Air Report
Gamo Compact vs IZH 46 - Part 1 - Tuesday, April 01, 2008, Pyramyd Air Report
Gamo Compact vs IZH 46 - Part 2 - Thursday, April 03, 2008, Pyramyd Air Report
Gamo Compact vs IZH 46 - Part 3 - Wednesday, April 09, 2008, Pyramyd Air Report
Gamo Compact vs IZH 46 - Part 4 - 14 Apr 2008, Pyramyd Air Report
Gamo Compact vs IZH 46 - Part 5 - Tuesday, April 22, 2008, Pyramyd Air Report
Gamo Compact vs IZH 46 - Part 6 - Tuesday, July 22, 2008, Pyramyd Air Report
IZH-46M Grips - RifleBuilders
IZH-46M pistol grip PICS - TargetTalk
Video Information:Retail Source:
IZH 46M Match Pistol by IZH-Baikal - Pyramyd Air Gun Mall​
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EXCELLENT pictures & links!! :t :t

Thank you guys both very much!

I really really really like my 46M...It's helping me to be a better shooter for sure!

The fun part for me is watching the eyes (of anyone who hasn't shot one before) when they do that first trigger pull... the eyes get kinda wide at that point, then squinty, like "what the ----***???!!!" hahahahaaaaa :D

..Things being the way they are now, it is important (to me) to squeeze out as much value for the buck on any purchases made, and IMHO the 46M does that supremely!! ...yeah, I'd buy another one, if I could! :cool:

COW 54
IZH-61 (version 2)
IZH-60 (version 3)
IZH-61 (version 3)
Nagant M38 (1941, Izzy arsenal) ....oops, how'd THAT get in there? :rolleyes:
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Baikal IZH-46M

... once I get it back from EAA, where I sent it for warranty work on the air system,
which bleeds down for some reason.
Once the warrantee expires on your IZH-46.
You may consider performing maintenance yourself.
The IZH-46M is manufactured by: Baikal ZMH
distributed by: European American Armory Corp.
The bleed-down issue might be resolved by replacing the piston seals - then, again, maybe not.
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Does Dry-Firing Damage Airguns?

Does dry-firing damage airguns? - Friday, January 20, 2006 ... Pyramyd Air Report
This is a subject that really needs to be addressed.
Dry-firing, of course, means shooting the gun without a pellet in it.

Are there good points to dry-firing?
Certainly! In fact, a target gun will be dry-fired up to five times
as much as it will be fired with live ammo.
The shooter needs constant practice with the trigger, sight picture
and grips to improve his scores, so all credible 10-meter airguns have a dry-fire feature for training.
January 20, 2006 9:52 AM
What about the IZH-46 match pistol?
I'm considering one, would dry firing hurt?
The Manual posted on Pyramid says "do not shoot a airpistol without a lead pellet".
That seems like a generic warning.
Is there a way to dry fire?
I think one of your previous posts indicated you have experience with the IZH-46.
January 20, 2006 10:02 AM
Yes, there is a dry-fire capability on the IZH 46.
What you do is manually lift the loading cover until the trigger sets itself.
When the gun is charged in the normal way, the linkage does this automatically,
but when you do it manually no air gets introduced into the compression chamber.

And I recommend the magnum version of the gun.
It's about 50 f.p.s. faster, and the targets punch a little cleaner.
Currently it looks like the only version Pyramyd stocks.
Baikal IZH-46 Trigger Adjustments

Baikal IZH-46 Trigger Adjustments
Screw A = Reserve trigger creep (over travel after the shot breaks)
- turn clockwise to decrease travel after the shot break.

Screw B = Final creep (second stage length)
- turn clockwise to decrease sear engagement,
which similar in action to pulling the trigger.
Do not reduce it too much or the gun may become unsafe.

Screw C = Trigger weight
- turn clockwise to increase trigger pull.
Set to no less than 500 grams (many shooters set it to 530 - just to be sure).

Screw D = Trigger shoe adjustment on bar

Screw F = First stage length
- turn clockwise to decrease first stage travel.
Turning the screw too far will start to apply pressure to the sear (like pulling the trigger).

CAVEAT: A new shooter is probably better leaving the trigger adjustments untouched
until they are completely familiar with the gun
Here is how Mac-1 adjusts the trigger on an IZH 46:
Tension adjust: Rear Screw,
Turn anti-clockwise until a few threads of the screw end protrudes beyond the block.

2nd stage: Second screw from rear,
Turn anti clockwise until there is no 2nd stage
and then back in until there is just a hint of 2nd stage.

Overtravel: Third screw rear,
Turn clockwise until it won't fire.
Then anti-clockwise until 1/8th turn after it does fire.

Take up: Front Screw,
Turn clockwise to reduce or anti-clockwise to increase 1st stage travel.

Blade: The trigger blade can move fore and aft on a dovetail by slacking the pinch screw,
moving it to your preferred position and then retightening.

I hope this helps. As you know, the manual is not much use.
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If not already addressed above, there's no harm in dry firing a pneumatic.
Lots of things in the IZH manuals are generic and more applicable to springers than to pneumatics.

As an example of the screwy instructions, they tell you not to use steel BBs in the Makarov and Drozd submachinegun, but supply a bag of BBs with each.

With the M-46, you need not pump, just release the breech and cock it all the way up, then latch it back down. Trigger is set for dry firing. Never heard of any damage from this. I have 3 of these pistols for silhouette.
IZH-46 ... IZH-46m

The major difference between the IZH-46 and the -46M

Pilkington Competition Equip. LLC
We can no longer supply the standard IZH46 model;
it has been superseded in this country by the IZH46M.​

The "M" version of the IZH has a velocity of around 470fps,
an increase of 60fps over the original IZH46.

Eagle eyed patrons will note that our photograph above is actually the earlier model,
the only difference being the M has about 10mm longer compression chamber,
giving the optical illusion of it having a shorter barrel.

As you can see from the photograph below,
the difference is hard to tell at first ...
can you tell with a quick glance which of these two pistols is the M Model?

Front of IZH46M​
EAA IZH46M Target Air Pistol .177
Last year Baikal increased the muzzel velocity on the Izh46 (440FPS)
and renamed it Izh46M (475fps).
B-Square #17900 Scope Mount ... IZH-46M

Scoping the Baikal IZH-46M

Baikal IZH-46M Air Pistol with B-Square #17900 Dovetail Mount
Also, if you are thinking of adding a scope to the IZH-46M,
don't forget to pick up an adaptor rail which leaves a Weaver base on the pistol.

Unlimited Standing Air Pistol
IZH 46M with B-Square mount, Ken Light Mid-Rise and Leupold Scope
The base didn't have enough slots cut into it so that the mid rise would fit onto the base into two slots.
Randy and Travis took the B-Square base and mid rise mount to their shop to machine
the slots into the base and made a short slot lengthwise to accommodate the clamp screws.
I've included two photos showing the new cuts made to the B-Square mount
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Scope mount

Does anyone know the advantage of mounting the scope so high on the previous pic?
You can lock your elbow against your ribs.
So the high mount won't be good for close range shooting say 10m?
Unlimited Any Sight Standing

Does anyone know the advantage of mounting the scope so high on the previous pic...?
The use of a High Rise scope mount, as manufactured by Ken Light...
... It really provides a comfortable way to let gravity work
to keep the gun straight and comfortable at all times.
The High Rise positions the arms to reduce strain, which in turn reduces wobble -
the most dangerous enemy of any standing shooter!

So the high mount won't be good for close range shooting say 10m?
It is a stable standing postion.
However, at 10m I don't think the range of elevation
on you scope will allow a zero at such close range.

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Left Hand Grip

I shoot left handed anyone hear try making their own left hand grip. Hate to pay that much for a set of grips half the price of the gun. I've got saws and a dremal would like to make my own. Going to order gun from Mac Air next week.
Thanks for any input.
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