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It's Important To Put The Right Frame With Upper

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I started shooting one of our monthly Steel Challenge Matches today with what I thought was my #1 pistol. I cleaned both my primary and backups last week and got a little carried away putting the wrong slide with the wrong frame.

I had 3 jams on that first stage. Almost enough to destroy my setting my best SC in 4 years. I did squeak off 1 second from my score at the State Championship last month. After the dismal first three runs I asked the MD if I could swap top ends and with his O.K. I did not have any more gun problems.

It was the first time I shot while standing, instead of being in my wheelchair. The game takes on a hole new perspective when you can move in the box to the best spot to hit the targets. My legs are really tired tonight. It's also the most I've walked in 5 years.

I even decided to move on Outer Limits, saving 12 seconds in penalties. I shot each run 3 seconds faster but didn't get the required 4 second per run penalty.


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Ah, human after all :)

'Glad you got the chance to get up and about, and I hope you can do it more often!
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