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I've been trying to get a better trigger on my Colt Gold Cup 1911 22. I put a Cylinder and Slide trigger kit in but was getting hammer fall on every shot. I took it apart, re-installed the OEM setup and everything work.

I checked YouTube for solutions to my problem and came across a good article on speed tuning the 1911 platform. Some stoning would be required so I ordered a new set of hammer:/trigger, Mainspring, but got inconsistent detonations

That problem is solved with the sear spring so I ordered 6 different spring to test the gun out. I didn't want o bend the original.

Most of the new springs averaged 5.5 pounds. One was 7.5 pounds and another was 3.5 pounds. Guess which one is now in the gun. It was made by Wilson Combat and just dropped in.
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