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it still works

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Did the trigger job tonight, while watching U578 dvd.

I had a few problems, but all where bone head things, like....

If you put the trigger plunger upside down, with the safty on, you can't switch it to fire, and the trigger will not pull.

If you don't watch the little lever on the trigger, it will not mate with the firing pin release thingy and the trigger will not release. I put it together without watching this, and put in the firing pin without the spring for a test........ then it was stuck since you couldn't pull the trigger.

If you don't watch, the spring under the slide lock will go flying, and boy is it a small spring.

All in all, it works great now. Put a spent shell in and worked the slide, and dry fired several time, works much better. If it had not been for the dumb things that I did, would not have taken long to do. My job took the entire move to complete.

How in the world did you ever figure out to use a spring from a bic lighter??? Great trick.

Now I need a dry day, to test fire..... now where did I put that empty tin can???

thanks for the great help.

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This is very good info. You described the symptom and assembly prob, I never knew that about the spring plunger! Thanks for sharing!

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