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Isn't it funny....

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It is interesting how my interest in rimfire shooting has grown. A friend bought a CZ 452 American and his interest sparked mine. I got a Special and thought I would just shoot with iron sights and have a little fun plinking. Then I read about the on-line matches and decided maybe a scope would add a little fun. At the beginning, I thought those targets were pretty small and I would be happy to just hit them. Then the bug bit, and now I have built my own shooting bench, bought a rest from Claybuster, and am disappointed when I am out of the ten ring at 25 yards. I can see where this could grow to be an obsession. Oh yea, initially I thought the trigger on my gun was the best I had ever had on a 22 and that no improvment was needed. Now, I ordered a kit from Brookie yesterday. Isn't it funny how these things evolve? Thanks to Claybuster for the helpful information he sent me and any helpful hints are appreciated from you guys who have been doing this for a while. Well, the sun is shining, it is going to be about 80 degrees today and I am off till Monday. Maybe I can improve on my score and send one in this month. Thanks for listening.


Ps I think an American may be in the near future. It would be nice to scope it and put the iron sights back on the Special.
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Welcome to the addiction!:D
Glad to have ya,and good luck with the "little green nasties".:D
Scratch the itch

Greetings to Lower Alabama and welcome. Nothing like a .22 unless it's yet ANOTHER .22. Shoot all day while your friends have already shot their load. Well, you know what I mean.

I can't stop, myself.

Buying .22s I mean.
Saw an American a couple of years ago and thought it was the slickest .22LR I'd ever seen (without multiplying the price by 3). Now I have a .22WMR to keep it company and will get a .17HMR when the ammo becomes available and less expensive. It's a fun thing to get addicted to and one heck of a lot cheaper than some other options. Enjoy.

Hubby: "Honey this gun is an investment, why if I had been addicted to crack I would have wasted more than the cost of this gun last week on drugs. Plus I would have been exposed to all sorts of diseases and strange women. Now aren't you happy I'm into shooting guns rather than drugs. Look how much I am saving every week - thousands!"

Wife: "Well now that you put it that way, I can see what a wonderful husband you are for choosing your hobbies wisely. I love you."
I like it Brookie
But if you think ANY wife will actually react that way...You ARE on drugs. ;)
Yeah i know what you mean.

I bought my Lux for casual shooting, and before i knew it ive bought a MILDOT scope, bipod, silencer and a 10 round mag.

And floating, bedding, trigger job etc etc..

i suspect CZ is the cause why im a now a single man in the first place:D

"Come to bed John!"
"Oi! hang on! i still cant get two credit cards to slide easily under the barrel!"

ohwell, not that bad but..

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In Short.....I made the mistake of letting my wife shoot my American.....She took it from me and told me I needed to buy myself another rifle.
Oil Well, That's not the bad part, the bad part is, she can shoot it better than me :mad:
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