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Is there a better all around ammo than CCI's Mini-Mags?

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If you had to buy one type of ammo for 10 different .22lrs, what would you choose to give the best mix of accuracy and reliability? I'm leaving cost out since that's very subjective. Ignoring higher priced match ammo, and considering it will be used for paper punching, hunting, varmint control, and whatever else people use .22s for.

When I go out to try a new rifle, I keep finding that mini-mags always function, always shoot well, and don't break the bank. I know each rifle has its preferred ammo, but I've never seen one that flat out hated MMs.

Maybe call it your desert island ammo.
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OK you asked for it LOL. Remington GB bulk pack. not the old junk the new production. it is great ammo. accurate and reliable in all my guns. just as good as or better than MM. mucho cheaper too.
everything that i have bought in the last year 525 flat boxes and 550 tall boxes has been excellent. i had the same bad taste in my mouth from Rem of the past. i bought a box for my barrel re-work experiment and found it to be excellent. bought a bunch more post haste.

the reason for the bad taste was i had a pocket full of ammo when i was out hunting and got rained on. the ammo got damp just like me and it just quit working period. 100% failure to fire.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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