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I have not shot any nemo but have been hearing the same thing. They (Golden Bullet) seem to be to be doing very well in the "Cheap Ammo" game in SuperStock Bolt Action Forum. Have to try some.

For me the two Federal American Eagles do it. AE22 is a 38 gr H.P. copper that was an excellent hunting round and AE5022 the 40 gr lead for everything else. AE2250 is shooting 1 to 1.25 MOA at 100 yards in FIVE of my 22s:eek: :eek: Not bad for $1.65 a box ammo.

There is nothing wrong with Mini Mags but they are a little more money and for me just a bit less accurate. Having said that when someone is having trouble getting a 22 semi to function or any 22 to shoot I always recommend trying Mini Mags because they are reliable to a fault.
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