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Is it all this good?

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I just bought 100 rounds of the new CCI Subsonic. It was very consistant and shot as well as Wolf MT in my position rifle.

This was the first of this ammo I have ever tried. I did not even know they made it.

Has anyone else tried it?
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I've had some of this ammo ( CCI sub-sonic) for awhile and today I was able to try it out. It is fantastic to say the least:t I shot it @ 50 yards with a 4x leupold and a green mountain fluted barrel with a supressor..... it consistently grouped 5 shots into 1/2" or under.
I also shot Remington Sub-sonic.......5 shots groups of 3/4"-1 1/4" and PMC moderator grouped 1/2" -3/4"
Needless to say I'll be buying more .......... the critters around here will never know what hit them:D
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