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Is it a Winchester or USRAC?

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How can you tell if a rifle was made by the original Winchester or by USRAC? I have a 9422 XTR that has the Winchester name engraved on the barrel with the model #, caliber, etc. and on the buttstock it has a Winchester logo.

Are the models made before the USRAC switch any different or better than the "real" Winchesters?
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Winchester or USRAC


At the corporate level, USRAC took over the ownership of the Winchester factory, with license to manufacture Winchester designed and branded firearms from the Olin Corporation, the former owners. This was an ownership change at the corporate level, and the factory, tooling, and workers remained the same.

The M9422 XTR was introduced in 1978, so your rifle could be either....... :confused:

I think it states on the barrel who manufactured the rifle:
Winchester Repeating Arms, or
United States Repeating Arms Corporation


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