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Ironwood Designs Dual Action Mag Lever

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Just want to contribute my two cent's worth about the Ironwood Designs mag release/bolt hold open lever. It works as advertised and I've installed 5 of them since '98 with no problems. Besides giving a fast mag release, there is a unique feature that no other lever offers. This one actually presses up the modified bolt release into position, locking the bolt back with a simple rearward pull on the lever. Extremely clever design. No fingers have to touch the narrow little protruding tab. It locks the bolt with ease and promotes safety because you'll do it more often. And it might impress your friends, too.

I think ingenuity should be rewarded and this product deserves your consideration. Hope to see more ground breaking stuff like this in the future.

Anyone else out there who has got one of these dual action levers and would like to comment?
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Thank you very much for the words of support.
Glad you like our design, it seemed to make sense
when you look at some of the shortcomings of the
factory set up.

Anyway, thanks again

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