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International Stocks

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What is a good source for an Internaional 10/22 stock?
Ruger will not sell you one, unless you send back the
original in exchange.

Has anyone ever tried to install a Walmart 10/22 (22"
barrel) into an international stock? Could the stock
and muzzle cap be adapted to support the longer

It would have a unique look, kind of like some older
WW II military rifles.
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International 10/22 Stocks

Thom T,

Watch the "For Sale" Forum here on RFC; also, Post your wants in the "Wanted" Forum here on RFC...! ! ;)

International 10/22 stocks do come up for sale, as they are very difficult to make 'shooters' out of....! ! :(

I would think you could make the "Wal*Mart" 22" barrel work with the International stock and forend tip; it might take some fitting, but it is doable...! ! ;)

Good Luck...! ! :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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