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Info about BRNO m4 ?

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I would like to know if anyone has or knows about these rifles...

Is it worth taking a chance buying one sight unseen? I have heard they are shooters, have adjustable triggers, built in tuners, smooth actions.

Thinking about using it for the postal BR matches.

Any info would be appreciated!

Serial # is reputed to be thirty something....

-----or is it better to get one of the newer versions, say a varmint 452?
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Bought one about a month ago. Paid $250 Cdn, a real bargain, looks almost like new.
Mine is made in 61. Has the factory aperture sights. Great shooter, I find the trigger is pretty good. Not as light as my Walther but crisp and very shootable. From the talk on the board, I have to think the trigger is a lot better than the current ones.
If you want to scope it, the wide dovetails are a bit of a pain to find rings.
Mine was ammo picky when I started shooting it (looked like it had not been shot for a long while), only shot CCI green stripe well, but improved to the point that any ammo shoots well at 25 yards. Still working on 50 yards, takes some practice to get good groups with an aperture at 50.
I don't really think that the action is that smooth, you have to work it with a heavy hand compared to my Walther, but then again don't have that much experience.
A real long rifle, have trouble getting it in the trunk of my Miata when in the case.
Wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. I see a lot of the Bruno #1's at the shows, will pick one up when I see one for the right price.
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