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Improving the reliability of the Kanewolf mod

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After putting this mod in I noticed the plunger would try to ride out to the side. I think part of the problem is because the spring bends a little when you install it per their instructions. I personally think it is better to install the whole thing as one unit from the inside. You have to get it almost in and then push the plunger down with a pocket screwdriver.
Anyway I figured I would make a permanent modification that would keep the Kanewolf plunger in place as I hate things that are half assed.
I made a small socket for the plunger tip to nest in. To do this I took a sharp pick to start a pilot hole. Then I took a small drill bit and turned it by hand very carefully. Then I took a larger bit that would create a hole that the plunger would just fit in.
Once I put it all together the plunger stays in place and it works great. You can see the small indentation in the first picture and the finished product in the second picture.
I really like this Kanewolf slingshot mod that I got from Tandemkross.com.

Update: I added a picture of the tools that I used for this job. An ink pen, pick, 1/16 drill bit, and a 5/64 drill bit.
Install the Kanewolf assembly and mark where the plunger lines up on the frame with an ink pen. Take it apart and start a hole with the pick. Make sure the pick is sharp. You want to do this because drill bits tend to drift if there is no pilot hole and this is being performed at an angle which exacerbates it. Put the 1/16 in the hole and use it to make the pilot hole more defined. Then finish it off with a 5/64 bit. Be careful and don't remove much material. You don't want a hole per se but rather a dimple for the plunger to stay in. If you don't remove enough material you can always take it apart and remove more. Also, be careful not to rub the bit on the side of the frame as it will not look good marred up and DON'T put the bit in a drill. Turning it by hand is all you need.
This only took me a few minutes to complete once I figured out what I wanted to do but I recommend you go slow with it if you don't make a living using tools everyday like I do.
I am very happy that I can contribute to this forum. If anyone has any questions please contact me.

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