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IHMSA marked Buckmark

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Has anyone ever seen a Buckmark Silhouette marked like this? http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/dburns_308/detail?.dir=82c8&.dnm=b92f.jpg&.src=ph
The 0054 on the slide matches the serial number on the front strap, and I believe 1987 was the first year of production for the Buckmark Silhouette.

I don't know if those are the original stocks, bought the gun at a garage sale for 200 and they came with it....they're awesome though, perfect fit for my hands. And i don't know if all silhouettes are as accurate as this one, but at 25 yards it put 10 rounds into one hole of about .30 with a 5X scope on it off a bench.

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It's the 10" model, I can't wait to get the $$$ to put a proper handgun scope on it, I'm thinking the burris 2-7x32 with the ballistic plex. The mount on the rail is to a cheap redhead red dot sight, it's pretty sweet, though with the dot or a scope offhand shooting becomes less and less workable.
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