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Identify This Browning ammo

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My 68 year old uncle has some of these in his garage.
The purple stamp on the back is 6A6M82.

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Browning .22lr 40gr solid "nail drivers". Just a guess.
As I recall they were popular in the early 1970s.
Mserr is that all you got?
I think he has 500 rounds of this stuff.
Browning Ammo

Hey, Valves - just bum it off your uncle and have a blast.

You know, do the guy a favor and "clean out" his garage for him.
Who knows what else you might find out there. :p

Just a suggestion . . .:eek:

Thom T

One more thought - The ammo is already "identified."
Browning, 22LR, Nail Drivers, The only thing you don't know is -
what year(s) it was made.
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Browning .22 ammo

I used to collect Browning .22 ammo.. As I recall Browning had it's name on seven different types of .22 ammo. eg; shorts, low-velocity LR's, magnum's, etc.. some were 50 per box and others were 100 box.. some were plastic boxes while others were paper.. I suggest you check to see if he has any of the other types. I'd like to have any shorts, magnums or the paper box of 50 in Standard velocity. The 70's is about right for that stuff..

Browning .22 ammo is still very desireable.. The type you show in the pic is probably worth $25 ..but I can't say for sure, as it's been a number of years since I've collected Browning ammo. It's difficult to find ..

anyway.. congrat's on "finding" that ammo..

Thanks Al just the kind of info I was looking for. I am going to ask him for the rest of them.
It is sometimes discreetly offered on Exxx as being "empty boxes".;)

With 2 days left he doesn't have any bids either. They may sell for what he is asking but I think $25-$30 is closer to the real value. I wouldn't shoot it, but save it for collectors. It isn't going to shoot any better that CCI SV or other equivalent ammo. They don't make it any more so don't waste it.
Probably worth far more to collectors than as shooting ammo.

Sell it off and buy lots more good ammo:bthumb:
It's collector stuff,so naturally the condition of the box and label is important to value.I agree with the above stated values.I used to have some myself,but realized that the value was really just in the label ,the ammo itself isn't anything that special-""B" headstamp? so what...and was made for Browning by CCI or somebody....The label wasn't worth $20 to me,and that's generally how much more it sells for over comparable ammo.
I Promise I won't shoot or open the box. I will sell it to a collector.
If you're looking to get rid of it, I wouldn't mind buying an unopened box for my display.
Since you guys have expressed much interest I will get more and offer it for sale.
Hey Valves,

Keep looking around maybe you'll find a Browning Buckmark under all the ammo!!!!!!!!!

I now have this ammo For Sale. Two boxes is all I have. Check under Misc in the for sale section.
I would guess Browning would easily convert that Lot # into a manufacture date.
I guess i could E-mail them the #.
Still have?

I know this is an old post, but do you still have any of this old Browning 22LR ammo in either the 50 or 100 piece boxes. I would be interested in purchasing them.
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