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Everyone, I recently took my Chinese friends shooting. It was the first time that they had fired REAL firearms, not just Airsoft stuff. Both of them followed safety instructions to the letter.

I first started with instructions at my house, followed by a solid plastic movie prop. Once they could handle that I introduced the Ruger Mk II and the Henry Lever Action H001TV. We then went to the range to have some fun. You can see the order of caliber in the video that I made and posted to YouTube.

My brother brought some of his guns and helped with safety instructions. His help certainly made everything easier.

Being around my Chinese friends helps me to realize how great of a country the U.S. really is. My friends were amazed at the beauty of the U.S., the freedoms that we have, the efficiency of our highway system and the cheap price of land and houses.

I am glad that I helped make a dream of theirs come true. I am also glad that I learned a new perspective on life in the U.S. I will try to complain less in the future! :)

This video is 4:16 long. Watch for the .50 BMG muzzle flash in slow motion at 3:59
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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