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Last weekend I traded into a High Standard "Dura-Matic" that dates back to late 1969. My plan was to trade it for a FAC FAL receiver. Took it to the range yesterday for a function check. BIG mistake since I now have to look for another way to get that receiver.:rolleyes:

I have little serious experience with handguns. Usually it's just blasting away and having fun. Offhand from the 9ft mark yesterday I was shooting ragged 9 hole groups, (never did get that **** flyer problem fixed to make a 10 holer) as long as I concentrated on doing my part, using the Remington bulk pack 36gr hp stuff. I was amazed at how much better I did with my P22 after shooting the HS. I shot the best I had with it too when I changed over.

I'm still working on a comfortable shooting position though. I was using the Weaver stance, but I'm not sure I was doing it correctly.

I wonder what she'll do with match ammo?:D
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