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i need a new 17 hmr brl

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I need a new 17hmr brl. I had a VQ , chamber too tight , had a clark was good. Any other ideas?
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Polish it!

Wrap a cleaning patch around a chamber brush and put some Flitz or other such polishing compound on the patch. Then "Turn, Turn, Turn!" Polish the wee out of the chamber and see if it will improve the performance of the VQ barrel. Polish the entire chamber evenly so you don't distort the shape of it.

ALL .17HMR semi-autos need to have the chamber cleaned every 50 rounds or so. Letting the chamber get dirty can cause incomplete chambering if the fresh cartridge and result in out-of-battery ignition! Bad JuJu! :bthumb:
Butler Creek, Whistle Pig, E.R. Shaw...all made barrels for 17 HMR barrels for 10/22M. I have an E.R. Shaw 18" barrel on mine, accuracy has been fine.
For much less than a new barrel you could probably get a finish reamer and open it up a bit.

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10/17 barrel.

I have a 16" Whistle Pig fluted barrel on my 10/17 hmr and it works wonderfully. Would not hesitate to recommend them.
The VQ brl is long gone. I ended up buying a lieja. Wow.. $$$ hope its worth it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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