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I Like My AccuTac Bipod But.....

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Sounds like clickbait, doesn't it? :)

I received my BR4 on Saturday. I think it's an outstanding piece of equipment. It's built hell for stout.

However, on my return trip to the range today, I noticed a small black rubber knob on one of the shooting benches. "Hmmmmm.... that looks like the foot off my bipod" I says to myself.

Turns out it was.

While playing with the bipod since Saturday, I've noticed that the feet like to loosen up, despite tightening them down snugly with my fingers. (No tool can be used to tighten them up.)

So, I am in the process of gooping up the threads on the feet with some Vibratite VC3 in hopes to head this issue off. It doesn't really set up like LocTite. It stays kinda gooey and they (Vibratite) claim a screw can be removed several times and the VC3 will still work as a threadlocker.

I have been using it to retain thread protectors on barrels as well as the mounting screws on red dot sights on pistol slides with great success.

And yes, I was extremely fortunate to find that piece to my bipod. :)
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