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I am stumped!!

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I am looking into purchasing a Super Sniper scope as part of a plan to deck out my AR-15 and looking at SWFA's site, the 10x, 16x, and 20x are all the same price:


How can this be?? Why would you get a 10x if you can get a 20x for the same price??

I have a Bushnell 4200 Elite 6-24 on my 10/22 and while I LOVE the scope, I could use alittle more zoom when I go out to 100 yards, so overkill is when it comes to the power of the optics is not an issue for me :confused:
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How about eye relief, field of view, freedom from mirage effects, and depth of field. All are better at lower powers. All can be a problem at too high a power for certain conditions or rifles.

For instance try 20x, without AO, at 20 yards.

Higher magnification scopes just aren't as good all around, they're reserved for specific purposes.
If you look at what most people buy on centerfire forums it is the 10x.
Considering my gun club's longest range is 100 yards, I guess I will go with the 10 or 16x :t
Scope magnification in and of itself doesnt't affect price if the rest of the scope specs stay the same. To increase magnification on a fixed power scope you just install an eyepiece of shorter focal lengh. They could market one magnifying a 100x or more for the same price but it would worthless unless you want to shoot at the moon. There is a lot more more to any optical device than just magnification. The quality of the glass, coatings,mechanicals, internal baffeling to increase contrast to name a few. I recently put an SS scope on my Bushmaster and went with the 10x model. I would have bought an 8x one if it were available. Thats plenty of magnification for me and makes for a better all round scope.
I bought a Super Sniper model last year.
The body and weight were nice. Very user friendly for wind and elevation. (like they claim)

I sent it back the FIRST thing the next morning though.
When I looked through it. -The Clarity was very POOR-. Even when setting next to a Weaver or Burris and looking
through them @ the same time.
The Super Sniper was kind of -White and Glary- when trying to look @ things.
Clean and very user friendly. NICE Body / CRAPPY Glass. / you need to be careful when making purchases on the Low-End Scope market.
Thanks for the advice, I think I am going to pass on it. But I need to find a replacement for it now

Dude you cant beat the Weaver Grand Slam / Got to be the best buy for the Buck.$$$ this year.
I have seen them down to around, $ 339 on bearbasin optics.
in my opinion it's better clarity than Burris or Sightron & others for - LESS -$$$$$$
I got 3 weavers - 1 Sightron - 1 Burris, black Diamond - 2 Leopold. I am working on another LPS but would love to pick up a Nigtforce or US optics.

* If you shoot a Lot. You will not get a CASE of the RED-EYE as bad when scoping for hours with cheap glass.
The highest Weaver Gland Slam I can find is the 6X20 and my 4200 has more power than that one. I am looking to extend my reach alittle with this one. I am thinking of the Bushnell 3200 fixed 10x40 for only $200. What do you think?
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