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hv ammo

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With a chamfered bolt and WK buffer are there any detriments to using high velocity ammo(yellow jackets, federal hp)? Is it hard on the receiver? I have an extra non- chamfered bolt, should I use it when using hv ammo? I know this question has come up before but I thought I would ask again. Thanks.
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If you have a good bolt buffer I wouldn't worry about it. (weaponkraft)

If your using ammo like Remington "Yellow Jackets" and such then your into hyper velocity catagory and not high velocity. That part you need to understand when reviewing you ammo battery. The two should be in separate catagories. Of course then it'll wear more on the receiver since it's an alloy BUT wether it'll wear-out faster in YOUR lifetime I can't say. Anythings possible. Your bolt should is solid so it might wear out the firing pin, extractor sooner.

Just shoot it and don't worry about it. Just remember that you cannot use stingers in a bentz chamber and you'll be fine.
I shoot auguila super max in my 10/22s with a chamfered bolt and bentz chamber without any problems. The aug super max is the fastest .22lr round available, that I know of.

aguila super max

Sorry, I meant hyper velocity. Swampfox, if you can use the aguila super max, then I'll stop worrying about the stuff I'm using. I'd like to try that stuff, but here in Canada, I cannot find it. I can't use stingers in my barrels, anyway, I tried them in my cz and was less than impressed. Thanks for the replies.
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