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How to use .22Hornet Lee collet neck sizer die?

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Just got one from Midway to add to my standard dies. No instructions. I have an idea but don't want to mess up my cases. Would appreciate any info. TIA:)
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I use the Lee Collet dies for my .30-06 reloads. My reloading supplies are not at hand, but it's quite simple.

To set up the die, insert the shell holder and the die and run the ram to the top of its stroke, then screw the die down till it's touching the shell holder. Back off the ram and give it another couple turns (if memory serves, Lee's instructions say give it two turns past contact). At this point, you want to run a case up into it slowly to check the setting; only go partway in and check it, then eek in a bit further and check, etc until you max out the ram. If all's good, Voila :)

If the neck is still too loose at this point, screw the die in another turn and recheck it. The farther past ramstop you go, the tighter your neck will be sized. Just be sure not to get carried away, or you'll end up getting it too tight and be resizing the case with the bullet when you go to seat it. Not fun.

If you go a little bit at a time, you can get a great fit out of the Collet die. I'm quite pleased with it's performance.
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