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581 bolt smoothing

I used automotive white polishing compount mixed with motor oil. Don't use the red polishing compound (rubbing compound) - be sure to use the white - I use Turtle Wax brand. Mix it with motor oil until it is a thick paste and apply to the bolt, especially those 9 locking lugs. Insert the bolt and work it about 50 times, hose the mixture out of the bolt and action with brake cleaner or wd40, dry it, lightly oil it and try it. If not smooth enough, repeat. Mine took about a hundred cycles. I did it at the range, shooting the rifle. After the 100 rounds, I hosed it out and applied Gunslick Graphite grease to the locking lugs - smooth as silk, and the trigger is better also. Go slow, 50 repeats at a time - better to take off not enough metal than too much.....
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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