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How to set up for sub sonic ammo

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Does anyone have a good working combo they can share with me?

I would like to modify my P22 to cycle perfectly with quiet ammo (CB Longs?/suggestions?).

I have read on other guns guys modify recoil and hammer springs, and polish stuff for smooth operation. Has anyone successfully tried this on a P22?

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Try Remington SubSonics First

They should function then go to another brand and see what you pistol likes. I find the P22 is not really picky though. Most Match Ammo if not all is subsonic and should also work. I would stay away from the CB's since the lighter projectiles will not generate the needed pressure. CCI Green Tags are a good choice but somewhat pricey but they do come 100 to a box so you must take that into consideration when looking at their price.

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