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How long does it take to get the shipping crud out of the barrel?

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I picked up a 452-2E Ultra Lux on Monday, and just got around to doing the initial cleaning last night. No matter how many wet and dry patches I run down the barrel, I am still getting brown coming out on the dry patches. How many patches have I run down the barrel you ask, well, more than 50 for sure and alot of Hoppe's #9. I have not run a brush down, and don't see a need to as long as I am still getting dirty patches.

I have alot of firearms, and have never run across this before. I always try to clean a firearm fairly well when I first get it, and then I clean as needed, or when I know it is going to be stored for a long period of time.

So am I just chasing my tail? :confused:
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Are you cleaning your jag and rod? They can pick quite a bit of crud and then transfer it to your dry patches.
If you mean am I wiping them off, yes. I use an oil rag to wipe the grime off of both before I run them down a barrel again. This is a standard proceedure for me, but I have not had even close to this type of problem getting a patch to go through clean on other guns.
cleaning new barrel

I spent about 5 hours cleaning the barrel of a new 10-22. Surprised at the crap that come out of it. Then had barrel cryogenicaly treated. This was before first shot. Very accurate
That brown shipping crud is the residue from the bluing salts when the rifle was made. It should be harmless as some of those CZ's probably sit for years after manufacture and the salts do not eat the bore. I simply ran a few wet and dry patches thru mine and then shot it. Shooting it removed the brown crud better and faster than cleaning with patches.
Like you, I ran several patches soaked with Hoppe's down the bore and they all came out brown. Tried some carburetor cleaner with the same results. Then ran 2 patches with Blue Wonder on them through it and let it sit for about a half hour. Ran a couple dry patches through it and the third one came out absolutely clean. Good stuff.
I cleaned on my ultra for two and a half hours last week when I got it alternating between soaked(#9) patches and a bore snake and dry patches,letting it soak for a while in between and never did get that last little bit of brown out of the bore.
I finaly decided that I would just scrub the inside of the barrel with some 40gr hpt "jags" to get that last bit out:D
An interesting side note, this rifle was stamped 01 on the reciever
What year are y'all's marked?
Desert Pete, I see you use "Blue Wonder" too. It's some GREAT STUFF isn't it? :D
The only complaints I have against Blue Wonder is that it is messy to use and it's too damned expensive.
Uh Oh

I never cleaned my CZ before shooting it; so far I have about 500 rds down the barrel since without any cleaning. Maybe if I cleaned it, it would shoot even better? Scary thought, considering what it will dow with Fed. Target through the dirty barrel :) Is there any danger that, once mixed with gunpowder residue, those blueing salts will initiate rusting, though?
I know some people who have waaaay more patience than I do.

Push patch or two...eyeball bore for obstruction...bang.

like john bt

I dont spend alot of time cleaning my guns for every last particle of dirt. normally i brush it a time or two to loosen up the stuff, then i alternate wet/dry patches with hoppes no. 9 for a little bit, and eyeball the barrel.

I just got some mPro7 to try, seems like neat stuff. I plan on using the mpro7 then running a little no. 9 through it for a protective coating.
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