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Houge Slipon Grips For 22/45

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very nice,
one prob!
I wont be taking this bad boy apart for a while!!! the grip is snug to say the least... i would reccommend to all!
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I thought I had the wrong grip for the gun at first, but after an hour it went on. I realized the same thing AFTER it was in place. It sure makes the gun feel better to me.
when i was putting it on i was like... whats their return policy...
but i just picked it up again and was amazed :) i really like it!
I also found it amazing that the same Hogue grips fit my 22/45 and KP95DC (9mm semi-auto) the 9mm has a much wider grip and it still fits snug on both of them! great product
I love mine too. Only problem is, I've been talking with obx22 about some work on the 22/45. That means I gotta figure out how to get the thing off!! :eek:
yea, like i said earlier, im not cleaning that thing for a while!!!
it would be near impossible to take off! (try some soapy water, just stretch the edges and get em soapy and wet and it might come off easier, just clean it and the gun b4 you put it back on!)

What are you going to do on it? (mess with trigger?)
Yep. Its stone stock, and I've got the fever. We're still discussing the details.
Try a small amount of talcum powder to remove sticky rubber grips ;)
Good luck,
Thanks Warren :) I want to get them off before I travel there. It may prevent you from hearing any foul language!
I thought it would be hard to get off at first too. After being on my gun a while and taking it on and off a few times it now only takes about 30 seconds to take off or put on. Its really now problem at all anymore.:)
Try rubbing alcohol. Not only does it make rubber slide real easy, but it dries quickly and won't make metal rust.

Used to use it all the time for pushing those rubber cords on slingshots. Didn't have to worry about water not drying and the cord coming back and hitting you cause it was still wet.
If you just want to try a rubber slip on grip, without finger grooves, a a standard bicycle inner tube cut to about two inches will fit nice and snug over most full size grips....
I removed mine last night. Boy was it tight! But it wasn't that bad after all. I alternated pulling on it, front to back. Be careful not to dig you fingers into the very top edge; thats where it is the thinnest and may tear or deform. It came off looking good as new!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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