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Hornady 150 gr SST

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I killed a doe today with my reloads with the SST bullet in my 30-06. I am more than impressed. The shot was only 50 yds. The deer dropped instantly and when I dressed her I could see why. The bullet went in behind the shoulder and exited behind the opposite shoulder with a skoal can size hole. On the inside the lungs were turned to jello and I don't understand how but, the spine was shredded all the way across. The holes were approx 3 inches lower than the spine. I used to reload Ballistic tips but I wanted to give these a try. My groups were tighter, the bullets are cheaper, they come in boxes of 100, and the performance is devastating. I am now 100% hornady in my reloading.:t :t :t
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Thanks for the tip. I went to 180 gr. Partitions, but have loaded a lot of ballistic tips, in 150 gr.

I have always liked Hornady bullets, but when I got the '06 I was told that Nosler was the only way to go. Should have known better. I have no complaints with either of the other two. Both cause severe dammage to deer, and coyotes. No hog yet. (thats the reason for the partition.)
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