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Home brew ultimate

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My gun began life as a 1985 blued carbine, originally my dads, it has since been passed to moi.

I purchased a volquartsen hammer, made an auto bolt release, use a bolt buffer,

i stripped the paint off the aluminum reciever and bought a stainless barrel off of someone nearby

I used the factory stock and redid it a bit, made a new buttplate, with the free float cut

bushnell pronghorn 4x scope

rockmount bipod


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Hey........Love that paint sceme, Very unique. How's it shoot?

i shot the mechanism in my choate plastic stock a couple days ago , but i was only plinking, the real sighting with paper will come soon.
im thinking hornet, wasp yello jacket or something
Hey Aaron, Recognized the name form Gunnutz ;)
Nice job on the stock
thanks buddy now ill just go to crumlin and scare the shiot out of the ......... "more traditional" people :p :Blasting_
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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