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Hogue stock for 10/22 bull barrel-pink

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I just listed a new Hogue stock for 10/22 bull barrels in the Classifieds. It's from a Ruger Target model and it's pink if anyone is looking for one.
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I love the look on the new guys faces at the range when I'm outshooting them, with my pink laminate stocked sleeper Carbine

how does the new Hogue stock fit the action?...the last Hogue I had a chance to try, was too tight and caused some function issues...but that was many years ago, and that particular stock was about a decade old when a friend gave me a chance to try it out

been thinking about giving a newer one another try
I bought the rifle a few years ago when the stainless Target model was being liquidated for $250 and I think the blue ones were even cheaper but I never had the guts like you to take it to the range but the fit seemed fine. I then bought a brown laminated stock when CWP was selling seconds for $30. I should have bought a couple more. I think I found out about CWP from one of your posts and it ended up being a nice stock and the Target shoots really well. I had to list the Hogue at that price because I just sold a Titan(LOP too long for me) to a guy in Indiana and the shipping from WA state was over $38 so nobody is making money but the shipping companies.
yeah, I really like the Target stocks too...I have a couple of them..dropped my green Pike Arms stuff in one

CWP is where I purchased the pink Carbine stock from also..

it was one of the "B Team" stocks (seconds/blems) they were selling for cheap...think I paid all of $10 for it when I bought a half dozen different colored ones, when they were selling everything cheap just to get it out the door...ahh, the good old days of cheap 10/22 parts..

here's the washed out pic they posted of it when it was for sale

thankfully, the one I received was better looking than the pic

and for those who might be interested in the Hogue, here's a link to the ad...$75 for a genuine Ruger/Hogue stock, it looks like a great deal to me
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The green Pike Arms in that brown stock is a beautiful combination. Those stocks were a great deal I wish I would have bought a half dozen too. Thanks for posting the link, I don't know how to do that.
Cousineau Wood Products. They had the contract from Ruger to make the 10/22 laminated stocks.
Fantastic quality. Simply focus on the manual action while introducing. Assuming that you have utilize incredible power you are treating it terribly. Its cozy as a bug. Decent feel. Indeed, it has sling connections.
Time to put the bong down!
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