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Hogue OM Stock

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Does the Hogue OM stock constitute a free floating barrel or is it semi bedded or what? I am wondering because mine seems to float slightly. Would it be feasible to cut my action screw down som to pull it in deeper without hitting the barrel? I am looking for it to be supported more so I don't have to worry about the receiver bending. Is it even a concern?

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What does the pressure pad look like? Sorry I am a newbie to the 10/22.

Thank you.
How do you know how tight to make the screw in the stock?
A tip given to me by Herm from Hornet Products is to put the non hook side of self sticking velcro at the very front of the stock to bed it. I did this and the barrel is no longer free floated and the forearm doesn't appear to be flimsy or over to the left now. Just something that worked for me that I am passing along.

1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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