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Hogue & Clerke

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I was browsing around, looking for a new barrel and stock setup, and I came across a combo package, that included a Clerke 20" bbl barrel and a Hogue OM(overmold)stock, for $109. Is this a good deal? I am interested in opinions in the Hogue stock, and the Clerke barrel.
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If you don't want a thumbhole stock then do it & get the 16" barrel, you will be pleased. I got a 20" & wish I would have gotten a 16".
I don't have a Clerke, so I cannot comment. I know that from past posts, many Clerke owners are very satisfied. Some have posted range results for the Clerke, so a search might help.

The Hogue stock is very nice. It's a great all purpose stock. I like mine very much. The price is right too. It's thick enough in the forearm to allow you to rest it up on something, and the handle is a better fit for a man's hand. The stock ruger handle isn't as comfortable imo. I think this stock is great for a non-specialized stock.

There are more combo's out there to consider. Midway has an 18" SS or Blued A&B .920 barrel with the same Hogue stock for $119 + shipping.

A&B is made by Green Mountain, and there are dozens of people on this forum who will testify to the quality and accuracy of an A&B. Some are amazed by theirs.

I have yet to see a Clerke combo deal with a stainless steel barrel. So the Midway deal might be better for $10 more if you want stainless.

J&G has the Clerke blued 16" w/ Hogue for $99, don't know if that is still offered.

These deals are all give or take $10 difference, and they offer different barrel lengths, if that's a factor for you.

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I bought the Hogue/Clerke combo from J&G about 2mos ago. It's a very nice combo. It really transformed the gun into something different and ACCURATE! The Hogue OM stock is the bomb for hunting. Fits the hand, will not slip from grip in the worst conditions, will not scratch or mar like the woodie carbine stock. The barrel I chose is the 16" blued. I'd recommend the 16" because it's lighter and the accuracy doesnt suffer.

Range results.....

haven't yet benched it, just sit and lean it on something or shoot prone from distances to 60yds. Last monday nite it was kinda rainy, windy and 45deg...not the nicest for accurate shooting. Using Federal Lightnings (@99c per box) I shot several groups ranging from .75 to the smallest of a cloverleaf 5shot group. It will hit anything I'm able to hold on out to 60yds point blank with a Bushnell 3-9AO....and NO trigger work :).

Whatta deal for 99clams!

What length barrel should I buy? I dont want it looking like the carbine again, more like a rifle. I am leaning towards a 20 or 18 inch, but i am still not sure. Any suggestions? When I won the state airrifle, I had a fernwerkenbau that was filled with lead, so it weighted about 10lbs. So more weight is not a problem. In fact, I probally will be adding some weight to it anyways....

aacuracy or hunting?

Are you going to be hunting with it? A shorter barrel will give you more velocity and the longer will give you more accuracy. I have a 20 inch stainless clerke and love it!!!
I have one 20 and 16 inch Clerke barrel. If your after something more rifle like and weight isn't a factor you might as well get a 20 inch barrel. I prefer the shorter barrel because it weighs less and is more "handy" while walking around. It's wearing a Hogue stock that came as a combo from JG Sales. The Clerke's are the only barrels that I have shot so far and I am very happy with the overall performance with them.:t
I agree with ak47, go with the 20" if weight isnt a concern. The 16" looked quite freaky until I got used to it....but in short (sorry) I love it now. When my buddies see it for the first time they think it to be a shotgun :).

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