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I seem to remember reading here that someone was producing a sporter barrel for the 10/22 that came with high vis sights. Anyone recall these?? Looking to purchase one for a friend of mine that does a lot of **** hunting.


Pat G

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HiViz offers these as options for a factory barrel:


Besides the Compact model 1168, as Jon mentioned, some Ruger Distributor Exclusives come with fiber optic sights:

Model 1159
" 11125 and 11127
" 11153

You can sometimes find these as factory take-off barrels At Shooters Discount, a sponsor here, or on ebay.

These are the Williams FireSights they use that fit the factory dovetail:


ShopRuger has them as well:


Fedderson offers a Durabright option on some of his bull barrels:


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I acquired a takeoff OEM tapered sporter barrel on GB that had the Williams Firesights on from the factory. Carbine model I think. I was looking for these because I went to them a couple of years ago on my Buckmark Rimfire Limited gun as I found I could shoot these much better than the HiViz sights.
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