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High Standard Rebuild Video

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I recently rebuilt a High Standard Victor for a client, and like I do anytime I work on something I like, I video taped the build. If anyone is interested, or needs help with parts replacement or repair, here are the links...

Basic field strip...

Upper receiver detailed disassembly...

Upper receiver reassembly...

Lower receiver detailed disassembly...

Lower receiver reassembly part 1 of 2...

part 2 of 2...

Hope someone can use them.
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Thanks for doing these videos. Very well done and very informative. My Citation was light striking. I completely tore it down using your video. Ordered some replacement parts and springs and will attempt to reassemble using your videos. Thanks again for posting them.

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Great Stuff and a stored gun question...

And very helpful for a newbie to understand what's going on in there.:bthumb:

Question: Mine, bought last week, is mint-in-box (shipped Nov 82) but I have no idea how long it has been sitting in its Styrofoam clamshell. I'm going to ask my dealer to check the upper receiver over, but he is not a gunsmith, and I am not aware of a good one around here. Would you recommend a clean and lube before firing?


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...Would you recommend a clean and lube before firing?...(snipped)

New or used, first thing should be a field strip and inspection, during which cleaning of packing/ancient grease/gunk is removed...
then Light Oil...like ONE drop applied with your fingertip on the action...
then One drop on the outside...sometimes two/three drops on the outside depending on size/upcoming weather/6+ months storage planned/etc..

That's my Basic Plan with any new or used...especially used...Inspect & Clean with a capital I & C ;)

Ever find a pristine rifle that had been in a closet for years...go to shoot it and all heck break loose??
Dirt Daubers/other pests can nest Anywhere...and if you don't check first, you can ruin a nice antique...
Nothing like a bulged barrel on what was previously a museum piece/nice firearm to get one's attention ;)
(happened to someone else, but I got the hint...Inspection is KEY...the military taught me clean weapon tactics...)

New weapons are NOT exempt from cleaning & oiling...and Dadgum Sure Not Exempt from Detailed Inspection...
Many a new owner has failed to inspect before purchasing then gets a firearm home, only to find that it has a Flaw...
and then must be sent back to the factory fora few months for repair because It Left The Store...

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When reinserting the tiny roll pins, locate the split AWAY from the pressure the pin holds. Roll pin punches are a great help. When temporarily holding the recoil spring back in the slide, use a small brad/nail to hold the spring.

You do not need the little screwdriver to replace the extractor. Just shove the extractor against the plunger and it will click in.

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Nice videos. Only problem was that the lighting was not very good. Because of this, too much of the finer details could not be observed. One more thing which is

a pet peeve of mine when people discuss firearms in general. Some refer to any make, model and style of their revolvers as "cowboy guns". Then there's the group

that buys "bullets" so that they can go shooting at the range. In this video, the discussion focuses on the upper and lower receivers of the pistol. Sorry, this is a

High Standard Victor, and not an AR-15! Please don't refer to the slide as the upper receiver. In this case, the lower receiver is usually called the frame!

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I know this is a two-year old thread, but it's brand new to me. THANK YOU for posting these. The first video is probably the only one I'll need, but it has information that some other videos I watched on YouTube left out.

You make it very clear as to "what" has to be done. Whether or not I can do all of that is yet to be seen.

The more I learn about High Standard, the more I wish I had bought some brand new, back when they were available....

I took your download link:

....so I could save it directly on my laptop/phone. This way I can watch it even if I don't have internet access.

Thanks again!!!
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