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hi cap mags

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i have read alot here on the forum about the hi cap mags, i know there is a few different companies, like butler creek, and ram line and i have read that the stock mags are alot more reliable, which hi cap mag is the best, looking for the 25 rounder...
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high capacity

I have a butler creek and it is hard to get into the chamber(steel lips) so i barely use that =one. But I have 2 ramline 30 rounders and those are the best I have used

- there 30 but they are more reliable (Ramline)
- Butler Creek are 25 rounders (I don't care too much for them)

lazyeh- hope this helps

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Reimportation of Hi Caps


The reimportation of Hi Caps made for export, like to Canada where they are legal, is ILLEGAL........! ! :mad:

I am referring to "rugermags.com" who is selling Hi Caps from Canada......! ! These are Post Ban [for LEO and EXPORT only] mags with the markings buffed off.....! ! :eek: :mad:

You might be better served with something like this:

Dual-Clip Holder

"Ruger" reliability in 20 round a Hi Cap......! ! ;)

Be careful......! ! :eek:
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