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Hey Ziplock

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The 12/15 has target sights on it now.I originally wanted a MKII International,but they had sold all the ones with sights by the time I called.It was a toss up between the 12/15 and a Cadet Target. I may still end up with a MkII or a Cadet later on.I just ordered a brick of Eley Trainer from Champion Shooters. I can get CCI Green Tag locally.When the 19th gets here I'll be ready.
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Hopefully you won't break out in hives waiting for the new rifle to arrive:D I have 4 Martinism including a Cadet, good shooters all, but the old BSA is the top of the heap. The MkII and III's are supposedly more accurate and the Cadet is somewhat more robust, being originally a centerfire. But I was able to buy the model 12 with my C&R liscense and have it deliverd to my doorstep:D Some dealers will sell the 12/15 as a C&R, others won't:confused:
The only modification I've done to mine is to add an adjustable arpeture (Merit) = improves the group size with the parker-Hale sights.
Enjoy - Report back when you get yours to the range... Betcha your are going to be pleased:t :)
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