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Still trying to put everything together...

Rifle. Scope, Rest, Bags, Targets, Ammo. :confused:
Things are starting to pull together towards the 10Ring:)
Now we get WIND??? :eek:
25 yds OK, but then a weather front starts blowing through and the wind starts to pick up in gusts, not a Full Force Gale like what Antlurz describes, but enough to make me switch to CCI Mini Mags from the SV target ammo I was using till a 10-15mph zephyr blew one of my shots clean out of the bull:mad:
The hypervel stuff seemed to even things up in the wind.
My scores at 25 and 50yds are no threat to anyone's self-esteem
But I'm gaining on it!:t
This is FUN! :D
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