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Savage Mark II .22 LR, non- Accutrigger, basic black synthetic, skinny barrel....

It has a Bushnell 3-9x32 non A/O scope. It'll be used for plinking and general duty work, groundhogs, squirrels. Probably no precision target work. You get the picture.

Do I NEED and A/O scope?
Absolutely not. You didn't mention the model, but the Bushnell non-AO that I use are very easy to change focus/parallax on. Most Bushnells are set for 100 yards focus. At 9X you will see a softer target image at 50 yards, and definitely out of focus at 25 yards. This is usually not an issue for hunting, especially if power is set to 4x, where the DOF range is much larger.

Changing the focus/parallax to something like 25 or 50 yards for casual target work on non-AO Bushnells is fairly easy. The hardest part is loosening the dust cover/retainer ring. See below for more info on changing parallax.

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