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Here is my new Ultimate!

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I just finished building my first Ultimate and thought I'd share it with you.
This would not have been possible without the vast amount of knowledge and information at RFC.

I also blame you all for being enablers to what my wife considers an addiction.

Revival Tundra stock
18" GM barrel
PC hammer
WK buffer
VQ bolt release Clark Custom extended mag release
PC receiver scope mount
Bushnell 3.5-10X36 scope
Burris Zee mounts

Total cost of original rifle and added parts, including shipping and tax is $423.91

I haven't been to the range with it yet but hope to get there next weekend.

Sorry about the size of the picture. Haven't figured out how to shrink it.
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Went to the range tonight to get the scope dialed in.
Indoor range with 25 yd max and no bags. Got scope fairly close. Should be better once I can use bags to get stabilized.
The rifle itself performed flawlessly with Remington High Velocity ammo. 100 rounds fired, one misfire, no jams or stove pipes.
I may try CCI Mini Mags next. If they don't work well, I'll stick with the Remington.
Very happy with the rifle! It feels great.
It definately has the potential to shoot far better than I can!
Can't wait to shoot it again!!
Thanks for all the help!

Keep :Blasting_
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