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Henry H001T Octagon 22Lr

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Been looking for one on and off for a year.
Didn't want to go the web route, wanted to get my hands on it and make sure I was happy with QC.

Work at a Farm Box store in my area part time on the Gun Counter.
Was sharing with the gun clerk that I was looking for one
He called out sometime later in the day. He was laughing, one had come in that afternoon.

Looked it over and by the next day I worked it was coming home.
Plain good straight grained wood, metal work is good. Lever and trigger smooth
GTG overall

Shot it Sunday after church just 50-60 rounds to get a basic sight in.
Used Federal bulk pack HP's from 5-6 years ago.
Realized the first trip out that I need different sights
Could hold 9-10 ring at 50 ft on a 50ft small bore target off hand
But not not really see the front sight clearly on most shots.
Shot another 100 or so Monday.

Henry makes a Dovetail mount for a red dot but astatically don't want that look.
Found several peeps and I think the Dawson precision front sight is my choice so far.
Dawson's FO rod is .040 vs. HiViz's being .080
General thought is front sight has to be .040 to .060 higher for the peep sight

Trigger is good out of the box and was going to polish it and put a lighter spring on it
After shooting it again Monday I'm thinking it will be fine as a small game gun/Plinker.
Which is what I bought it for.
Didn't do pics cause it is what it is, nothing special Henry
It's special to me though!!!!!
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Well as a finale
I installed a Marbles front sight that is .570 height (that includes the dovetail)
Sight above barrel is appox .475 once it was fitted
Rear sight is a Williams WMS 5D AG # 70809

POI hits slightly high at 50 ft. So I'm still on the search for a higher front sight.
This will do for plinking but would like the higher front sight for squirrel hunting.
Got a higher front sight from Lee shaver Gunsmithing
All is well now. POA = POI at 50 ft and 50 yds with High Speed HP ammo
IT's going to be next years squirrel gun.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts