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Henry .22 Barrel Removal?

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Hi guys,

I have an old Henry H001T that's been beaten to crap in the woods. The paint on the pot metal has been flaking off for some time, and I'm going to get the receiver + cover, mag tube, and barrel band Cerakoted. However my barrel is still nice and shiny, and I would like to keep the blued finish. I don't believe I can leave the barrel attached when they do the Cerakote job. Therefore I am going to need to remove the whole barrel. Does anyone have any directions for this task? I see the three taper pins in the receiver, do I just punch the top two out and pull? Also, when reinstalling, should I be checking headspace?

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I don't know anything about removing the barrel but the headspacing is on the rim so if you action will close I do not see how you could have a headspacing problem. If you replace the barrel it still should have the same relationship to the action.

Shoot us some pics when your job is complete.
Gun Yankee

I don't know how your project worked out but I finally got around to taking my Fontier apart to have the action, cover and barrel band CeraKoted.

Removing the Barrel turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would. With the gun disassembled to just the barrel and action drive out the two tapered pins that secured the barrel then with the action in a padded vice drive the barrel out with a brass punch that fits the end of the barrel. The pins came out very easy with just light taps from a brass punch. The barrel took a lot of light taps but came out easy because of the anti seize grease that henry used. The action has an indexing pin that fits into a slot on the barrel so reassembly should be straightforward.
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I drove out the three taper pins, pulled the magazine tube and then safely chucked my Henry on a flat surface making sure to protect the thin "stock recess projection" on the receiver. I then used a large brass drift and my 8 ounce ball peen so softly drive the barrel out.

This is a four handed job. Have a friend handy.
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