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Help !!!!!

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Does Anyone know the name of the Gun Shop near Atlanta Georgia that has the CZ's for a good price. I told my brother it was Whittakers.....but they are in Kentucky :D
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The good price for an American at Whittakers is $279, but they're not in Georgia. The place that John posted is in Georgia and they have them for $289, that's great if you live close, and can go pick it up.....
I just bought an American and it cost me $339. By the time I paid $289 and then shipping and then an FFL to recieve it, I would probably have the same thing in it or more. Shops around here want $50 to $75 for use of their FFL..... I'm happy with the $339.
All the other local shops wanted $379 for the American, go figure. I guess it just depends on how much profit one wants to make. My American should be here Wed. or Thurs.
I don't know about a Varmint, they are close to the same price as the American.
Oil Well, I would rather have the American.
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