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Help with value MKII/Volquartsen

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Looking to unload a few guns and I figured this would be the place to get some help with this one for a fair price to ask. Nice shooting and well balanced gun.

MKII NRA Endowment upper with chicken marked bolt. Upper has been equipped with Volquartsen front and rear sights.

Volquartsen 1911 style target silver lower frame and Volquartsen main spring housing assembly. Comes with 1pc. 22/45 MKIII magazine.

Air gun Trigger Grey Gun barrel Revolver

Black Air gun Wood Trigger Grey

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Really nice gun and would be expensive to recreate but most people want get the value/ cost of the volquartsen lower or the sights on the upper. I ended up trading my vq 22/45 lower only for another complete ruger I wanted.

I'd think about listing the volquartsen lower and bolt only, some buyers will pay more for something you can mail directly to them.
So say if I split the MKII upper with the Volquartsen sights and MKII bolt as a set and The Volquartsen 1911 Target Frame with the Volquartsen main spring assembly as a set what do you think each set would go for?
This is a hard one to value as most people will not pay a pittance for the upper or the bolt. The VQ lower is worth much more than the upper and bolt combined. But the market for the bolts has fallen due to Volquartsen selling new Mark IV bolts on eBay for $40 or less. Just crushed the market for bolts. I ended up with four of the Mark IV bolts, two with new Volquartsen internals, for $130 total.

Volquartsen did the same thing with pencil Mark IV uppers, selling them for as little as $35 delivered to the FFL in the Ruger packaging. The Mark IV upper does not impact the Mark II market much, but the Mark IV bolts do as the new bolts work in the Mark II and Mark III (once the loaded chamber indicator is neutered).

The other negative for that combo is most people want the heavier barrel even though I admit to being quite fond of the pencil barrels, with the old RST-6 my favorite.

My best guess is that getting $600 out of the pistol will be hard, with the frame and mainspring housing driving most of that price.
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